When On Makeup Magazine learned that makeup artist, educator, and author, DeShawn Hatcher collaborated with one of our favorite pro brands, Graftobian, to create a brand new palette focused on deeper skin tones, we knew our readers had to know more! We were excited to try out the new palette and to get the e scoop on the formulation of this new collection as DeShawn and Graftobian partner to continue to move forward the Inclusion Revolution with The HD Cream Inclusion Collection Palette. This palette, $84.00 is available now online at

Why was it important for you to create this multi-cultural palette?
Being a black woman, I didn’t feel that we were represented well by many makeup companies I feel that people of color have just been on the back end of the consumer makeup world, and it is beyond frustrating. But when it comes to pro-focused makeup companies this is where I bow down and say thank you. Pro brands have recognized and risen to the occasion for people of color, but I just couldn’t find that one, all-inclusive, palette I wanted to carry in my kit. For me, there were always shades missing that weren’t deep enough or olive enough, or the darker colors had too much red. I always envisioned one palette that would take care of 99% of my darker skin tone needs and so I created Inclusion, Multicultural Super Palette for People of Color with my favorite pro foundation company Graftobian. I believe this is the first palette specifically for POC and I am very proud of that.
What makes this foundation palette different from those that we have seen out in the market and how does it compare to other foundations and palettes inclusive of deeper skin tones? I noticed that many pro and some consumer palettes, though lovely, didn’t answer to the complexities, richness, and vastness of the totality of people of color. When I looked at some palettes pro and consumer it felt like people of color were an afterthought, but with my Inclusion palette, I wanted to make people of color center stage.

What would you like the Pro community to know about this palette?
There are 18 stunningly beautiful colors in Inclusion. It contains both red and blue color correctors. Its a palette that finally includes true olive pigments, and it has a balance of neutral, warm & cool colors as well. These are all blendable and you can also highlight, and contour and create a real shadow with this palette. It is the one-stop-shop-palette for all things people of color. When you look at it, you can see a real range that I couldn’t find.

What can you tell us about the formula of these foundations/ Palette?
I find that Graftobain’s formulation is beautiful to manipulate. There is just the right mixture of wax in its base. No mixers needed if you so choose not to use any but if you do they blend so effortlessly to give you the desired finish. It isn’t a heavily waxed based formula which makes it easy to scoop out, and its ready to use. Even in the coldest weather, it doesn’t seize up like some of the other pigments with a lot of wax. The depth of pigment in this allows us to sheer it down by how we manipulate our application techniques, and it’s water-resistant. You apply powder and BOOM done..

Any tips/tricks you can offer when working with this foundation/palette?
As I mentioned, this has contour, highlighting and color correctors and bronzers. The formulations is easy to mix. You can also create blush and lips colors from this palette as well. One last thing, this palette is an amalgamation of their already existing line, and that was really important to me. Why? Because I wanted artists to be able to refill their kits without having to buy a whole new palette.

We love the naming of the palette, how did you come up with the name?
I was watching actress Viola Davis giving a compelling and impassioned speech to a room full of white Hollywood actors and executives one evening. She was saying that black folks don’t want to take over Hollywood they want a seat at the table, they wanted to be “included.” When she said that it hit home for me to my core, I found myself saying YES VIOLA YESSSSS!!! We want to be included!!!! So when it was time for a name I named it, Inclusion the Multicultural Super Palette for People of Color. That’s all I had ever wanted, for all POC to have a seat at the Pro Beauty table.

Can we expect any future collaborations from you geared towards inclusivity and deeper skin tones?
That is a plan. I try to give back to the pro makeup community because it has given me so much, it’s given me my dream of being a working makeup artist.

DeShawn Hatcher is a professional makeup artist and author of Assisting Rules, The Ultimate Guide to Assisting Makeup Artists and Hairstylists. You can find her on her Youtube channel (DeShawn Hatcher) and @deshawnhatcher on Instagram