Fall/Winter Season is almost here and with that brings new makeup shades and new collaborations. We look forward to the deep, rich color spectrum to warm our souls during the cold season. This Fall, Rituel de Fille is teaming up with visionary artist and singer/songwriter Chelsea Wolfe, for an exclusive collection. Wolfe is know for her musical blended elements of folk, gothic, electronic and heavy metal, and her music has been featured in promotional pieces for television series such as Game of Thrones, Fear the Walking Dead, as well as for How to Get Away with Murder. Products from the new collection are inspired by lyrics from Wolfe’s songs.

The Rituel de Fille x Chelsea Wolfe collaboration was borne of sound and color, creating two new products that were inspired by strange natural beauty, channeling Wolfe’s dark, feral and intimate world in the form of pigment. The first product in the collab is the Exuviae Ash and Ember Eye Soot, a deep taupe with a hint of rose, that evokes a feeling of Emergence…Rebirth and renewal, and draws inspiration from the husks of cicadas, the subtle shimmer of shifting insect wings, and the blush of a ripened fig. The next item is the Swarm Enchanted Lip Sheer, a rich, vibrant blood red, that evokes blood in fresh soil and the deep flush of the sky at sunset. Both products $38 and $24, respectively are available now at




New from NYX Cosmetics comes these bright, blendable and easily fits into your pro kit creamy Strobe of Genius Holographic Sticks. They deliver a wash of holographic color with each stroke. Available in two shades, Mermaid Armor, a pink pearl and Electric Invasion, a blue pearl it gives the complexion a soft and mesmerizing luminosity. Each Shade glides on effortlessly and is packed with ultra-fine pearls that helps to softly illuminate your client’s complexion giving it a mesmerizing, luminous appearance. Strobe of Genius Holographic Sticks$9.00 available instore at Ulta beauty or online at


Instantly correct, conceal and brighten skin with the new Perfect Lighting™ Radiant Touch Magic Wand from IT Cosmetics. This innovative concealer and correcting brightener utilizes patented Drops of Light Technology™, plus licorice root and hydrolyzed pearl to enhance skin’s radiance, while neutralizing and correcting imperfections. Developed with plastic surgeons and leading experts in facial aesthetics, this 2-in-1 product is also infused with collagen, peptides and antioxidants for younger-looking skin.

Perfect Lighting available in three shades, Radiant Light, Radiant Neutral, and Radiant Honey and it’s professional makeup artist must-have. Pro Tip: Use not only to conceal everything from dark circles to blemishes, but also use as a highlight for the eye, brow, lip and cheek areas. Perfect Lighting™ Radiant Touch Magic Wand, $29 available now at


We are excited to feature Chris McCarthy, Executive Director of the Provincetown Art Association and Museum (PAAM) in Provincetown, MA next in our A Few Questions With series. Chris is responsible for all artistic directions of the largest presenter of Outer Cape art by national, regional and international artists, and she has worked in numerous galleries and museums throughout New England.

It’s inspiring to connect with other creatives in other industries and we look forward to catching up with Chris who will be presenting at this year’s  The Artist Summit produced by The Powder Group from October 1-6, 2017 in Provincetown, MA. #seeyouatthesummit. For more information about The Artist Summit visit

What inspires you right now? (and Why?)
I sit in an office surrounded by art in a building that preserves an incredible legacy.  I am inspired all of the time by the objects, the people who come in and out of PAAM, my staff, the beauty of the national seashore; history – watching it repeat; the sea and the light.  I watch people leave on a Sunday and am thankful that I am already home – given the opportunity to do what I have been trained to do in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Can you tell us about a defining moment in your career? One that made you realize this was what you were going to do with the rest of your life? 
When I was in graduate school at Syracuse University, one of the requirements for my Master’s program was to do a summer internship.  I was fortunate enough to secure a position at the Yale University Art Gallery.  Intimidated because it was Yale, I was very nervous that I didn’t know enough or wasn’t smart enough.  Fortunately, I was paired with a brilliant art historian and curator in the department of prints, drawings and photographs.  I was assigned to various tasks, most of which involved researching works on paper.  One day, Dr. Field, my mentor, asked me to come back into the area where prints and drawings were stored.  He told me to put out my white-gloved hands, and he carefully placed a Leonardo DaVinci sketch in my palms.  I was and Italian Renaissance major at the time, and had spent a semester abroad in Italy so the significance of this gesture was enormous.  I was moved to tears by its beauty and knew that making objects of art a part of my everyday life was critical; and the importance of the institutions that house such objects was right path for me.

What advice would you give to someone looking to focus on a career in the creative industries?
There is an enormous amount of risk associated with choosing a creative field as a full-time career. However, the results can be highly satisfying. My advice would be the following:-Be confident; choose the best mentors possible; listen; work hard; don’t be defeated easily; the sky is the limit when creativity is involved; collaborate; utilize the educational tools that are available to you; be smart; use your head; pay attention.

What is the key to a successful work-life balance?  
This is a hard question for me to answer as it is very difficult for me to separate my work from my personal life because I love my work and it is part of who I am.  I have been in a creative field for the majority of my life and all of my career, but over the past decade, I have learned to delegate, trust the people I hire, say no, and make sure that when I am at the breaking point, to step back and recharge.  Burnout doesn’t help anyone so I try not to bring work home with me, but the mind is always spinning.  I still get excited about my work and its future possibilities, but I do have other interests and try to focus on those when I am taking time off.


We are excited about the new addition to Kevyn Aucoin cosmetics, The Making Faces Beauty Book, created in celebration of the brand’s 15th anniversary and as a tribute to the artist and author of Making Faces. This amazing makeup essential collection consists of three chapter or palettes and contain all you need for face, eyes and contour. These exclusive beauty books include step-by-step techniques and illustrations that inspire, and allow you to create endless combinations of Kevyn Aucoin’s most iconic looks. Such as The Biba, inspired by the silent screen star and romantic gypsy, or The Ingenue, showcasing a sensual lips and soft doe eyes and finally The Innocent, the look of far away dreaminess.

The palettes not only includes must-have cult products, but also new shades. Chapter 1 allows you to Contour and Sculpt, Chapter 2, Blush and Define Face and Eyes and lastly Chapter 3, Emphasize Eyes with eight new dual performance shadoes in matte and satin finishes. The Makeing Face Beauty Book, $75 available online at #makingfaces


We have Carl Ray next on our A Few Questions With series. You have seen his work grace the covers and pages of Vogue, Glamour, Essence and Variety to name a few, but the one unforgettable face that features Carl’s makeup art is the incomparable Michelle Obama. Carl has been the personal makeup artist to Mrs. Obama for a number of years for official appearances both nationally and around the world. You can also find Carl at his business in downtown D.C. One80 Salon We are excited to feature Carl for this series and we are sure you are too! Also be sure to check out the feature Spotlight Carl Ray from our Fall 2016 issue and follow Carl on instagram @carlraymua

Get a chance to see Carl in person among the inspiring presenters at this year’s The Artist Summit produced by The Powder Group from October 1-6, 2017 in Provincetown, MA. #seeyouatthesummit. For more information about The Artist Summit visit

What inspires you right now? (and Why?)
Nature, Old movies, past and present starlets, makeup artist, fashion, countries and cultures

Who are three of the biggest influences in your career? (and how have they effected your career)
My Mama I loved watching her apply her makeup growing up… She encouraged me from a young age to do what I love no matter what.

Kevyn Aucoin, his books influenced me majorly. First time I saw the book in the bookstore I looked at every page and was obsessed with every image I saw. Each page was so beautiful and magical to me.

I also get inspiration from Continue reading


Fall is right around the corner and with that comes a transition in our beauty products to compliment the season. And what better way to add to your pro kit and help your clients keep their radiant summer glow with help of Urban Decay’s latest addition Liquid Aura Illuminating Mix-In Medium. Transform your foundation with this illuminating mix-in medium, will give your skin an instant luminous, and dewy youthful glow.  Just mix one drop of the weightless formula with any foundation for all-over brightening. Liquid Aura can also be worn over foundation for an extra highlight on the cheekbones, bridge of nose of cupid’s bow.

Liquid Aura contains HD Effects Pigments, iridescent pigments that will be perfect for the upcoming Fall and Winter days when your clients need a little extra radiance, it gives an added boost creating a luminous look. Pro Tip: Liquid Aura works wonders on dull, jet-lagged skin, so don’t leave home without it! Liquid Aura Illuminating Mix-In Medium, $32 available exclusively at Sephora or online at  #LiquidAura


Our next A Few Questions With artist feature Ryan Burke is not easily forgotten, his work is both inspirational and unforgettable, and the creativity of his self portraits are mesmerizing. Ryan, a Pat McGrath ambassador, makeup artist, photographer and next a soon to be The Artist Summit 2017 presenter! Also check out the feature we did on Ryan in our Fall 2016 issue: Inspired by Ryan Burke for a more in-depth look at how Ryan comes up with his various looks and more on his makeup artist career.

Ryan Burke will be among the inspiring presenters at this year’s The Artist Summit produced by The Powder Group from October 1-6, 2017 in Provincetown, MA. We are looking forward to Ryan’s presentation, but in the meantime check out his interview below and #seeyouatthesummit. For more information about The Artist Summit visit

What inspires you right now? (and Why?)
Inspiration comes from anywhere – it could be architecture, it could be a plant.  I get inspired by other people too occasionally, but I always take that piece of inspiration and pull it in my own direction.  I think the important thing about “inspiration” is to spark an idea, not to replicate someone else’s work.

Who are three of the biggest influences in your career? (and how have they effected your career)
My first big inspiration in my career is my ex and close friend, Oscar Ambrosio.  We basically started in nightlife together at a time when instagram was only retro film filtered pictures of scenery and pets and there were maybe a handful of people in the world who were turning conceptual looks.  Both of us loved dressing up and it’s how I started getting into makeup and shooting myself.  Nobody was really doing this yet – shooting looks and putting them on social media.  Neither of us knew how to do makeup and because it wasn’t big on instagram yet there were hardly any tutorials or examples for us to work from so we inspired each other.  We taught each other techniques that we’d figure out and pushed ourselves to try any and every idea that came to mind.

My next inspiration came when my friend introduced me to the work of Pat McGrath.  I had been playing with makeup for a bit already but I knew nothing of major makeup artists.  Seeing her work opened up my world.  I was like “oh you can do THAT, you can take it THERE” so I started expanding on what I was doing and going more conceptual.  My favorite was to do cut-out eyebrows because I couldn’t draw them on right at the time.  I started with the regular eyebrow shape but it evolved to an obtuse triangle which became a signature shape for my style and has since been replicated by many people.

My third inspiration came when I moved to New York to be a more “serious artist.”  I met Domonique Echeverria at Greenhouse and we became close friends.  It was actually my intention to leave nightlife and makeup behind in order to actively pursue photography but her influence gave me new inspiration for looks and I started taking things to a whole new level – I added in better styling and began making headpieces.  Her aesthetic influenced mine to be more refined and fashionable.

Can you tell us about a defining moment in your career? One that made you realize this was what you were going to do with the rest of your life.
To be honest, I’m not sure what I’m going to do for the rest of my life.  I’m not just a makeup artist and I’m pursuing whatever opportunities come to me in various mediums. However, as far as taking makeup seriously as a professional artist, that moment came when I began working on Pat Mcgrath’s team. I not only learned to refine my techniques to a more professional level but, I also got the validation I needed that I could be successful as a makeup artist.

What advice would you give to a makeup artist or hair stylist starting out in the industry?
Pursue the style you like to do the most but, also allow yourself to develop in other types of makeup and hair.  Not only will this open up more opportunities and make you more valuable as a versatile artist but there can be a lot of crossover between different types styles.

What is more important to you the work (a makeup artist or hair stylists artistic skill) or the artist (the person themselves – personality, professionalism)
Work comes first in my opinion. In the age of the social media makeup artist, there are a lot of “personalities” who do makeup. While this is a career avenue that works out well for some people, being a skilled artist will most likely get you a more long-term career in the end. I also feel that as a matter of integrity as an artist, I would prefer to have the skills rather than being a personality who can’t actually deliver when it comes down to it or just puts out the same regurgitated generic ideas that have already been done hundreds of times over.

What is the key to a successful work-life balance?
If you love makeup and it is your profession then you should be enjoying your work as part of your life.  But apart from that, make time to be in nature and disconnect from the world.  I always have a need to do this in order to keep myself inspired and motivated.  It is very draining at times to work a lot – even if you enjoy it and taking some time away from that makes you appreciate things more and keeps you sane.



From our Spring 2017 issue the Welcome note from our Editor/Creative Director Michael DeVellis: The Action of Inaction. Hope his words below give you an extra push, be it to follow our dreams, start or finish that project we have been working on for what seem like ages, or simply give you the inspiration to start taking action in whatever direction you may need. Also checkout more features from our Spring 2017 issue here.

How many of us have a project or a task that we have been meaning to get to but simply haven’t. Maybe we even have all of the resources at our disposal to get it started and we just haven’t made it happen yet.

Understandably, if money or skill are lacking in order for us to make some magic happen, we have a problem that takes a bit more than placing some encouraging You Can Do It! notes around our apartment or office. Solid planning and strategy are critical in those cases to ensure that we have everything in place that we need to in order to move those ideas forward successfully.

But, what if we don’t take action at all? Imagine all the Continue reading


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