wbf2017logo-1The World Bodypainting Festival (WBF) will celebrate it’s 20th anniversary in July 2017! The festival held from Friday 28th – Sunday 30th, has a very long tradition and founded the modern bodypainting art movement. Artists from over 50 different nations come together over a weekend to stun and entertain attendees of the festival with high quality art, combined with music and shows.

WBF has taken place in Carinthia, Austria since 1998, but for the 20th anniversary, the festival moves to the inner city of the state capital Klagenfurt, Austria. Klagenfurt is an international established event location that will allow the festival to flourish and develop for many years. The picturesque historical theater buildings, art house and city gallery, will all serve as a great backdrop for the festival, WB Academy program and the side events. The open air park “Bodypaint City”, will house the festival main events, turning into a unique and vivid art experience.  This will allow visitors to look over the shoulders of artists at work, while experiencing art, music and various shows. The Powder Group and On Makeup Magazine are proud to be sponsors of this event. Get more details about the World Bodypainting Festival 2017 at

Artists: Yulia Vlasova, Daniele Piovane, Houyam Hajlaoui, Flavio Bosco, Leonardo Giacomo Borgese, Maria Cozman, Alex Hansen
 Andrea Peria, Daniel Janesch, Klaus Neubauer, Gunther Weirum, Dirk Hartung, Karin Upahl, Dmitri Moisseev




MAKE UP FOR EVER announces its newest global artistic collaboration with UK’s iconic singer Jessie J. The MUFE Artist lip and face collection has several launches slated for 2017 and is showcasing Jessie J’s transformative self-expression along with the artistic talent of renowned celebrity and editorial makeup artist Sammy Mourabit. As a professional artistry makeup brand, MAKE UP FOR EVER is committed to giving professional makeup artists a platform to work creatively. Therefore, teaming up with Mourabit was a natural fit. “I’m honored to be part of the MAKE UP FOR EVER Tribe and to collaborate with JESSIE J. She is fascinating and she represents what an artist in the music world should be today: a songwriter, a singer and an amazing performer. She is also a very skilled makeup artist, so our collaboration is organic, unique, and fantastic,“ said Mourabit.

The collaboration kicks off with a music video in which MAKE UP FOR EVER sets the stage for the transformation of Jessie J.“I enjoy revealing different parts of my personality in my look which makes MAKE UP FOR EVER such a great partner,” said JESSIE J. “The core of the brand is what I am about: creating characters to showcase who you are, exploring and expressing yourself in the way you want through makeup, colors and energy.”  Throughout the year MUFE is also encouraging people everywhere to celebrate makeup’s power to express, explore and transform all individuals with the create movement #IAMANARTIST.  Celebrate the power of makeup with this creative and collaborative movement!



What kind of research did you do to prepare for this early 1900s medical drama? My research for the general look of the period was mostly based on studying and reproducing portraits by American realist painters like Thomas Eakins, famous for all his amazing paintings of the medical theaters, and wonderful portraits by Sargent and Sorolla. I hosted a painting workshop led by my mentor, Cassandra Saulter, a former scenic artist turned makeup artist, and long-time painter and sculptor. My core team and I worked for two weeks on replicating their artwork to understand more of light and contrast, as well as the texture and colors of the faces of the turn of the 20th century, to translate it with painting rather than applying makeup. We had a lot of fun. I also spent a long time researching how and who used makeup since it wasn’t really commercially available back then. The easiest part of the research but crucial to a show about medicine, was researching illnesses, various conditions and their corresponding symptoms and what they do to the body. Because those haven’t really changed, the internet, medical books and our medical consultant on set were our main guides.

Did you learn anything interesting about the makeup for that period?
Women made their own Continue reading


I first met Gerald DeCock across the bar at our favorite haunt, Le Singe Vert. The spot has become the go-to hang out over the years for many of us in the neighborhood and Gerald is one of those regulars. He is the kind of person one notices – dashingly handsome and silver bearded, stylishly eclectic and always put together in that effortless way that I have always envied in those who could carry it off. Gerald is the kind of person that one immediately knows is definitely “a somebody.” One of those somebodies who do things, many things…important and fabulous things.

Having dinner at the bar next to Gerald one night around a year ago, my husband Brad and I finally, properly introduced ourselves. The three of us struck up a conversation and we learned that Gerald was Continue reading


The expansion of Kett Cosmetics continues throughout 2016!  You can now Gett Your Kett Fixx in 4 more major locations Worldwide, Atlanta, Moscow, Toronto and Spain.

What began in 2000 as a niche brand for professional makeup artists in the film and television industry has transformed into a crossover collection of cosmetics products and airbrush equipment.  Kett Cosmetics, is distributed in over 20 countries and has developed a cult following among professional makeup artists, celebrities and general consumers.  “We are committed to serving the needs of artists and will continue to build our loyal base by providing superior products that are Vegan and paraben free” Sheila McKenna, President and Founder of Kett Cosmetics.

Kett’s complete line of makeup products and equipment are currently available at Selfish by Mimi in Atlanta, The Makeup Academy Givana in Moscow, Blur Cosmetics in Toronto, and Technoair in Spain.

Today, Kett Cosmetics is globally recognized and considered an essential brand for professional artists, makeup academies, film studios and television networks.


The  Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists Guild Awards (MUAHS)2017 Lifetime honorees are Emmy®-nominated make-up artist Leonard Engelman and Oscar® and Emmy-nominated hair stylist Barbara Lorenz. Both will be honored at the annual MUAHS Guild Awards, held on Sunday February 19, 2017 at The Novo by Microsoft at LA Live. “Leonard Engelman and Barbara Lorenz bodies of work of are legendary, and we are proud to rank them among the best in the history of our profession. They are extraordinary artists and accomplished leaders in the industry, and it is our pleasure to name them as this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award recipients,”” said Sue Cabral-Ebert, IATSE Local 706 president. The annual awards honors outstanding achievements for make-up artists and hair stylists in motion pictures, television, commercials, and live theater.

Additionally four-time Emmy winning producer, director and screenwriter Ryan Murphy will be honored with the Distinguished Artisan Award. “We’re excited to bestow our 2017 Distinguished Artisan Award on Ryan Murphy, who constantly raises the bar and challenges the skills of our members to their utmost abilities when delineating his television characters. He has always shown strong support while working in collaboration with our make-up artists and hair stylists,” said Cabral-Ebert. Continue reading


Where were you born?
Cape Town South Africa

Where do you live now?
Sydney, Australia

What’s your sign?

What did you want to be when you grew up?
Something creative. I was always busy painting and making things, not much of an academic. I wanted be a fashion designer, as I loved color, texture and shapes. There weren’t many choices in New Zealand in the ‘60s. Most women became secretaries, nurses, teachers or hairdressers, or went to university.

How did that transpose into a career in makeup?
I started a hairdressing apprenticeship, as I left school early with no qualifications and Continue reading


How did you first develop an interest in makeup?
My interest in makeup came from my friends and nightlife when I lived in LA. When I started going to clubs I wanted to dress up and do looks but I didn’t know a thing about makeup so I developed a style comprised mostly of glued on elements to decorate my face. In the meantime, I slowly taught myself different techniques starting with eyeliner and blocking out brows. I didn’t pursue it much beyond what was needed to do simple graphic designs because I had no intention of becoming a makeup artist, it was all just for fun. I was more serious about photography which inspired me to do self portraits as a way of documenting my looks. It wasn’t until I moved to New York that I got more involved in makeup.

Do you have an art background other than makeup?
I do. I grew up in an artistic family and I majored in studio art in college. There wasn’t a Continue reading