What if you the professional artist had the say or ability to introduce your big product idea as the next revolutionary product in the market. This is where Volition Beauty comes in, if you can dream it, Volition wants to create it. They use the power of community to create the next big things in beauty products Inspired by You. Powered by All. Their mission, collaborative and transparent innovation, drives their belief that new beauty products should be created by real people with real beauty problems.

Volition development process puts consumers in the driver’s seat so to speak and encourages users to submit their own ideas for beauty products and in turn vote on other ideas, as well as Continue reading


New from Cinema Secrets Pro Cosmetics, comes two new custom blend 5-in-1 eye shadow palettes. The Natural Collection and Chroma Collection both Pro-Mastered eye shadow palettes designed to create looks from the studio, to the runway and on stage. These richly pigmented, paraben-free shadows can be used both wet or dry, and offer up a smooth velvety application that lasts all day!  The Natural Collection contain five ultra matte velvet shadows, with universal shades such as Nude, Flesh, Taupe, Deep Brown, and Soft Black.  While the Chroma Collection contain a set of five creamy metallic foil shadows with shades such as Atomic Silver, Rose Flare, Gold Horizon, Cosmic Copper, and Beyond Bronze.

Pro Tip: Each palette can be customized for your desired look with its easy to remove magnetic pans, you can create a custom palette of matte and metallic foil shades for your kit with numerous eye shaow options at your finger tips! Both collections Natural and Chroma, $40, are available now at #GoNatural #GoChroma


We’re loving these highly pigmented AQUA XL INK LINER, the latest addition to MAKE UP FOR EVER vibrant AQUA XL collection. The waterproof, smudgeproof and long lasting formula holds up in extreme conditions to ensure your eyes look stays put until you take it off.  These liners available in 11 shades come in matte, metallic, diamond and lustrous finishes, and the combination of polymers give it its long lasting properties, while the felt tip applicator allows for extreme precision from the finest to the boldest lines. These are sure to become a permanent part of any pro makeup artist kit!

For a precise seamless application each time follow this pro tip. Before use, shake vigorously, and first apply a dashed of AQUA XL INK LINER to the center of the lash line. Next, apply a dash to the outer corner of the lash line, connecting it to the center in a fluid motion. Last, apply a dash to the inner corner of the lash line and connect it to the center. The AQUA XL INK LINER, $24 is available now in stores and online at


Our Editor/Creative Director, Michael DeVellis sat down recently with World Bodypainting Festival founder Alex Barendregt, to get the inside scoop on the upcoming festival celebrating it’s 20th anniversary.  It will be held from July 28-30, 2017 at its new location Klagenfurt at the Lake Wörthersee. For details about this year’s festivities see our feature here or visit

This year, The Powder Group is also proud to be feature among the prestigious educational programs with Michael DeVellis presenting his session Turn Your Passion into Business: Marketing and Branding in Bodypainting, to be held on July 27, from 11am – 5pm. He will take artists through how to move from art to commerce with their work, and making a successful career through strong business development. Michael will also participate on the judging panels for The Purple Brush Make Up Award on Friday 28 sponsored by Matilda Make-Up Academy, and the Make Up Battle on Saturday 29th, sponsored by NYX Professional Makeup.  Check out Alex interview below and for more information about the festival visit

What was the reason you started WBF?
When I was 21 I got hired from the local tourism organisation to create events in our area. I did many different kind of events but when I saw a bodypainting photo from Veruschka von Lehndorff I got really Continue reading


Among the vast array of items in a professional makeup artists kit is one of the more powerful tools in any form of artistry –  the color wheel. In June 2017, 28 year makeup artist veteran and owner of Dallas, based Makeup Training Academy, Terri Tomlinson, launched a one-of-a-kind Flesh Tone Color Wheel. The new Flesh Tone Color Wheel takes its rules and guidelines of color theory and applies them to skin. The wheel provides color references for skin color, highlight, correction, shadow, and makeup colors. “I’ve been working with color theory since I opened Makeup Training Academy in 2010. My understanding of color and theory has deepened so much in that time, that it now affects every part of my makeup application. I am obsessed with Color Theory!” said Tomlinson.

The wheel is used as a guide behind the science of color theory, and has also become the foundation to any makeup application, from Continue reading


As Sr. Vice President and Creative Director for MAC Cosmetics since 1999, James Gager has helped to craft the development of the brand on a level that few could truly imagine. For the better part of two decades, he has been a part of the introduction to the line of hundreds upon hundreds of new products, collections and partnerships. His watchful eye has overseen countless creative decisions from package and store design to in-store photography and helping choose the company’s Viva Glam spokespersons — a program that has helped raise more tens of millions of dollars for the MAC AIDS Fund supporting those living with HIV/AIDS.

James’ keen eye for texture and color has influenced makeup trends across the world and now, since 2016 when he first joined Instagram, his global view on these elemental aspects of design have been on view for all to see – and find inspiration in.

What is most important about an image to you?
An image is different than a photograph. An image for me has to have a larger idea than just taking a shot with a camera. It’s composed, has emotion to it, relates to the person taking it, and hopefully provides a connection to the viewer on some level.

And what about texture? You seem to play with it a lot in your images.
When I first decided to join Instagram, I wanted to share my  Continue reading


From vinyl masks, diamond encrusted eyelids and gilded tears, to graphic liners paired with a sublime dewy complexion the industry-shifting makeup looks from creative force Pat McGrath have single-handedly, changed our perception of beauty and how we, as a society use makeup to express ourselves. She epitomizes all that is hot or not, so to speak, in the beauty industry and has been dubbed the most influential and sought after makeup artist in the world, McGrath sets the beauty trends globally each season. Her looks have been seen on the runways of countless designers including Tommy Hilfiger, Givenchy, Anna Sui, Prada, Louis Vuitton and Valentino just to name a few. And with a career spanning two decades, McGrath has conceptualized looks for hundreds upon hundreds of the most iconic runway shows over the course of her career. Her vision and trends in beauty are incomparable, and her looks not only grace the runways, but advertising campaigns, and editorials for prestigious fashion brands and media outlets. It is with all this in mind that, Continue reading


The new sheer, hydrating lipstick Lip Luster delivers gorgeous high shine, a lustrous finish and make lips looks plump and full. This new 3D reflective pigment lipstick from SENNA Cosmetics is ultra-light yet highly pigmented and leaves lips feeling buttery soft.  With key ingredients such as Shea Butter, Jojoba, Avocado and Soybean oils and Vitamin E, your lips are protected and feels super moisturized.

Lip Luster can be worn alone or over a lip liner for a sensational shimmer and comes in 8 brilliant hues such as Brandy, a gold fleck ruby, Mimosa, a golden melon color, and Dream, a shimmering plum. These gorgeous lipstick are a perfect addition to your pro kit as these lipsticks can double as a blush to give your clients a glowing, hydrating flush of color. Lip Luster, $24 is available now at


Industry pros gathered on May 11, 2017, at MAC Pro in New York City, to celebrate the launch of the debut book, Ten Words for a Stronger Career, More Meaningful Relationships and a Remarkably Focused Life, by The Powder Group, The Makeup Show and On Makeup Magazine founder, Michael DeVellis. The long-awaited book based on The Powder Group’s popular program Ten Words for a Stronger Career, was published to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the Ten Words seminar and workshop program. The book, an easy to digest, quick and entertaining read, acts as an inspirational guide to action and progress in both ones career, and life overall.

“What an honor it was to have our NYC launch event for Ten Words hosted by the company that started my journey into the professional makeup artist arena.” said DeVellis “If it weren’t for my time at MAC and working on the development of MAC Pro, my path would have taken a very different direction and there would be no Ten Words book or so many other pro-focused programs in our industry. I’m so honored and grateful to MAC Pro for hosting me for the NYC launch and that so many of our wonderful friends in the industry came out to celebrate the night with us.”

The event brought together industry pros including Angelina Avallone, Linda Mason, Dani Fonseca, Roque Cozzette, DeShawn Hatcher, Matin Maulawizada, Merrell Hollis, Joe Simon, Bethany Townes, Sheila McKenna, Ruth Roche, Moises Ramirez to celebrate the launch. DeVellis did two short readings from the book, focused on why he wrote Ten Words as well as his personal and professional focus on community – which is, of course, one of the ten words the book is focused around.

Ten Words will be followed by a program tour of DeVellis’ Ten Words for a Stronger Career program in NYC, LA and Chicago this June and is the first in a series of three inspirational guides by Michael DeVellis.

Ten Words for a Stronger Career, More Meaningful Relationships and a Remarkably Focused Life, $10-$12 now available on Amazon and #tenwordsbook

Photos: Erik Walter