Taking the time to find a renewed sense of energy and spirit might mean meditation or yoga for some. But, in my case — with a mind that is always racing onto the next thing — even the act of sitting still leaves me feeling more flustered than motivated. For me, wandering around and exploring a someplace that is new to me is something I find much more relaxing. Of course, there are also those go-to spots that I return to over and over again, where I know that just the smell of the air is powerful enough to make my heart soar. Discovering interesting culture and art and food and life, is the ultimate in rejuvenation for my mind and body. Letting my mind soar with possibility is always best
done where the experience of being is as important as the act of seeking. I’ve been so lucky in my life and career to have been able to experience so many amazing places that I have truly enjoyed. But there are definitely those incredibly special places that have me longing for more me time and a chance to come to a terms with my own most inspired moments.

http://centralenfieldclc.org.uk/lmla-iron-ihhja-hfoa-xhrha-vUvN-zkenza/ 1. SANTE FE, NEW MEXICO
The desert has always held my spirit close and made me feel connected to myself and Sante Fe is the ultimate desert town to become grounded in, if you want a mix of culture and calm. The galleries on Canyon Road — or maybe more so the ones hidden on side streets. The low road to Taos via the artists enclave of Madrid. Ten Thousand Waves Spa for a salt scrub and a soak in a tub hidden among the trees.

http://m-sar.uk/gallery-6/ 2. SHANGHAI, CHINA
More Western than they probably want you to think, yet completely authentic. Filled with modernity, tucked amidst centuries old temples and tightly packed street markets. Art is everywhere but the best place to check it out is the upcyled warehouses of M50 gallery just a quick and clean subway ride from central Shanghai. Lose yourself being the one in the room who doesn’t understand what anyone else is saying.

http://cjni.com/hehe.php 3. VENICE, ITALY
There is no place like it. It has a magical smell of a sinking city. You feel the city’s history and age everywhere. Energetically and spirituality completely Italian. Passionate for art, music, food, wine and culture. Seek out hidden shops and trattoria’s down long, damp alleys. Skip the Rialto Bridge but don’t miss the Piazza San Marco — if only for its scale. Plan carefully and do not miss the iconic La Biennale di Venezia.

buy disulfiram australia 4. HUDSON, NEW YORK
I’m a sucker for a good revitalization story and Hudson has been on a long and beautiful journey of transformation for a couple of decades at least. A not so quick, but efficient and beautiful, train ride from NYC and you’re dropped at the foot of Warren Street — Hudson’s hipper, tastier version of Everytown Main Street USA. Head across the Rip Van Winkle bride and check out the charming village of Athens.

Moment after moment of unexpected beauty. The coolest small city ever, Hobart, and waterside hotels in Wineglass Bay. Sheep are everywhere you look as you drive around country roads, but not lamb chop on the menu — these guys are for those Merino sweaters folks. Take the ferry to MONA – Museum of Old and New Art and prepare for your mind to be blown.

Old-world meets easy luxury. Stay in the walled city of Old Cartagena, whose walls I imagine were put there to keep the secret of it’s intense beauty hidden from sight. Take a tour of graffiti art in Getsemaní. Affordably splurge for a private guide to take you to explore fortresses and churches high on hills. Wander aimlessly around cobblestone streets and hit up every square and church along the way.

This should be no surprise. The place I love the most in the world — my heart’s home. The place my husband proposed to me and where we tied the knot. A community welcoming of all. A sky and light like no where in the world. The oldest continuous artists colony in the country. Provincetown Art Association and Museum. Provincelands bike trail. A low-tide walk in the on the breakwater. Sunset cocktails at The Red Inn.

Maybe it’s the heat. I do love a good sweat. Maybe it’s the unapologetic energy of a city that has seen it’s share of changes and has continued to keep moving forward and making itself more and more fabulous at every turn. Maybe it’s — no, it’s definitely — the pulse of Latin culture rushing through the veins of the city. Winwood Arts District. A revitalized downtown. And oh yeah the beach. Can’t beat my Miami.

I stumbled across this magical little town on the central California coast a decade ago and fell in love. The fog, the sun, the sea air. A coastline view that seems to go on forever. Easy, friendly and casual. Nothing here to see folks — just hang and be you. Hit up the tiny town of Harmony, a few miles away with it’s glassworks studio and pottery gallery and its legendary population of 18.