Taking the time to find a renewed sense of energy and spirit might mean meditation or yoga for some. But, in my case — with a mind that is always racing onto the next thing — even the act of sitting still leaves me feeling more flustered than motivated. For me, wandering around and exploring a someplace that is new to me is something I find much more relaxing. Of course, there are also those go-to spots that I return to over and over again, where I know that just the smell of the air is powerful enough to make my heart soar. Discovering interesting culture and art and food and life, is the ultimate in rejuvenation for my mind and body. Letting my mind soar with possibility is always best
done where the experience of being is as important as the act of seeking. I’ve been so lucky in my life and career to have been able to experience so many amazing places that I have truly enjoyed. But there are definitely those incredibly special places that have me longing for more me time and a chance to come to a terms with my own most inspired moments.

The desert has always held my spirit close and made me feel connected to myself and Sante Fe is the ultimate desert town to become grounded in, if you want a mix of culture and calm. The galleries on Canyon Road — or maybe more so the ones hidden on side streets. The low road to Taos via the artists enclave of Madrid. Ten Thousand Waves Spa for a salt scrub and a soak in a tub hidden among the trees.

More Western than they probably want you to think, yet completely authentic. Filled with modernity, tucked amidst centuries old temples and tightly packed street markets. Art is Continue reading