100 Debts of Gratitude: Thank You To Our 2020 Presenters and Sponsors

Greetings and Happy New Year pros and industry friends!
First and most importantly I hope this message finds you safe and well as we head into 2021.

This was certainly quite a year for the professional makeup and beauty industries – and the world at large. We watched as a pandemic, important social justice issues, natural disasters and a political climate like no other – along with the stress and uncertainty that came with it all – changed who we are and how we behave forever.

We sat in a great pause – one that we are still in – that overtook our ability to operate as normal and left challenges and anxiety that most of us have never faced in our lifetimes. We watched as business in our community shifted their focus to accommodate the current state or our industry, and we watched as some were forced to temporarily or permanently close down operations.

Through it all, our industry came together to support one another and find ways to keep moving forward. Here at The Powder Group we were so proud to be able to give a platform and voice to important causes, and find ways to keep our community inspired and feeling hopeful about the future.

We took to the online world of Zoom and, thanks to the support of our sponsors and presenters, produced more than 60 programs, covering artistry and career, creativity, inspiration and wellness. We were honored to be able to present discussions on race and our industry in our The Black Makeup Artist Experience program and our On Makeup Magazine Reality Check: What Do You Want Us To Know feature – thank you so much to each artist that shared their important voice for these programs – we are listening and acting to ensure a more inclusive future in our industry.

We looked at Getting Back To Work Safely and we worked to ensure our community was setting goals and moving Forward Together. We gathered as a community to celebrate craft and career in our Industry Intensive series and we showcased the most pro-loving brands in the business in The Brand Summit.

These programs featured the participation of more than 100 presenters and featured artists from six countries and across the US, for our The Powder Group programs and throughout our The 2020 Issue of On Makeup Magazine. To say I am humbled by the outpouring of support and participation by the speakers who were with us would be a huge understatement. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done to support our The Powder Group community during such challenging times. Your participation has made a huge impact on our industry and has made a huge difference for so many as they navigated these unsteady times.

To our sponsors who made so much of this year’s programming possible thank you for your commitment to our community, even as you each faced your own challenges this year. Your support was uncompromising and so greatly appreciated. Skindinavia, Cinema Secrets, Royal & Langnickel/Omnia, Senna, Temptu, ESUM, MUSE Beauty Pro, Beekman 1802, Alcone, Bdellium Tools, FACE Atelier, Frends Beauty, RCMA Makeup, Nigel Beauty Emporium, B3 Balm, Kett, MAKE UP FOR EVER, MAC Cosmetics

The future may still be uncertain, but by coming together and continuing to help each other find a way to continue on our path we found a way to be stronger than ever before. As we start to come out of this and the industry gets back to business, we will continue the work we have been doing at The Powder Group to connect artists at every level of experience and from every area of the industry to each other and to find ways to provide a spotlight to the most inspirational voices in our industry. Here’s to all that comes next. Happy New Year.

Yours in gratitude,
Michael DeVellis
Founder, The Powder Group

Our 2020 Presenters and Featured Artists Grid Includes:
Aga Rhodes, Ahbi Nishman, AJ Crimson, Alexx Mayo, Alphonse Weibelt, Alyson Hoag, Amy L Forsythe, Andrew Velazquez, Auralis Flores, Bethany Townes, Burton LeBlanc, Candace Corey, Candice Ornstein, Carl Ray, Christina Tracy, Clint Brock, D’Angelo Thompson, Damone Roberts, Daniella Milton, Dannelle Satherley, Dany Sanz, David Gilmore, David Hernandez, Debbie Zoller, Denise Tunnell, DeShawn Hatcher, Despina Scandalis, Devon Freeman, Eddie Duyos, Einat Dan, Elisa Marsh, Emma Hack, Eryn Kruger Mekash, Eugenia Weston, Fidel Gonzales, Francesa Tolot, Heather Blume, Ilde Goncalves, Jake Aebly, James Vincent, Janice Tunnell, Jessica Williams, Joanne McDonough, Joe Dulude, Joe Navas, John Stapleton, Johnny Lavoy, Jordan Liberty, Julia Dalton Blush, Julie Socash, Karim Orange, Kimberly Jones, Kisha Augustine, LaSonya Gunter, Laura Shabott, Leslie Perry, Lori Taylor, Louie Zakarian, Lucky Bromhead, Madeline Leonard, Mandie Brice, Mandi Martin, Marietta Carter Narcisse, Mark Adams, Matin Maulawizada, Merrell Hollis, Michael DeVellis, Mike Potter, Moises Ramirez, Myra Irizarry Reddy, Nicki Ledermann, Nicky Pattison Illum, Nikoletta Skalratos, Orlando Santiago, Pati Dubroff, Rachel Goodwin, Rachel Hoke, Reggie Wells, Romero Jennings, Rose Chatterton, Roshar, Ruth Roche, Ryan Burke, Sarah Cimino, Sarah Lucero, Sarah Rigano, Selena Miller, Sheila McKenna, Sherri Laurence, Sian Robertson, Stacy Robinson, Stephanie Flor, Stephen Dimmick, Syreta L Bell, Tami Bernard, Tanya Deemer, Ulla Gaudin, Ve Neill, Viktorija Bowers, Vivian Baker *Names are alphebetical, not in grid order