The Artist Summit 2015 The Powder Group has announced the line-up for the beauty industry’s most pro-focused event of the year — The Artist Summit 2015.The event will be held from October 4 – 9, once again in beautiful Provincetown, MA. The program consists of a welcome event, three days of keynote sessions, and a two-day optional makeup and hair, hands-on workshop program. Featured speakers will include Albert Sanchez, Alee Cao, Chad Hayduk, Charlie Wan, Christ McCarthy, Dani Fonseca, Eugenia Weston, Eve Pearl, James Vincent, Leslie Christin, Michael DeVellis, Pedro Zalba, Roque Cozzette, Stephanie Flor and William Edge. Participation starts at $690.00 for the three-day program and $125.00 for each four-hour hands-on workshop.

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