Determined, Able, Beautiful, Loved, Present, Ready, Enough, Strong, Happy, Confident #IAMFIRST  The new campaign from Bdellium Tools created with the intentions to generate and drive positivity, self-worth and putting yourself and loving yourself FIRST. The idea is to start each day and each makeup regimen both personal and for clients with a state of mind that banishes self-doubt and criticism. Studies show that we criticize ourselves more often than we realize. Therefore, Bdellium Tools launched the I AM FIRST FIRST brush set to help in silencing that dialogue with a this set of empowerment tools.  Tools to help you and your clients reflect and focus on themselves first, by resetting your mind and actions every day.

This limited edition brush set includes 10 best-selling brushes from the Studio Line, each displaying a positive affirmation to help promote empowerment and reminds you to both love yourself and extend on to others. “Out of all our collections, this is the one I am most proud of. The I AM FIRST Brush Set is for everyone who wants to change their mindset to something positive every morning. It’s a way to express and unite, and redefine what it means to be beautiful.” -Edward Kim, Founder of Bdellium Tools

Take part in the campaign by using the hashtag #IAMFIRST and sharing your own stories related to the brushes on social media.  The IAMFIRST brush set, $75 available now at