From our Spring 2017 issue the Welcome note from our Editor/Creative Director Michael DeVellis: The Action of Inaction. Hope his words below give you an extra push, be it to follow our dreams, start or finish that project we have been working on for what seem like ages, or simply give you the inspiration to start taking action in whatever direction you may need. Also checkout more features from our Spring 2017 issue here.

How many of us have a project or a task that we have been meaning to get to but simply haven’t. Maybe we even have all of the resources at our disposal to get it started and we just haven’t made it happen yet.

Understandably, if money or skill are lacking in order for us to make some magic happen, we have a problem that takes a bit more than placing some encouraging You Can Do It! notes around our apartment or office. Solid planning and strategy are critical in those cases to ensure that we have everything in place that we need to in order to move those ideas forward successfully.

But, what if we don’t take action at all? Imagine all the Continue reading


In Case you missed it, catch up with our Editor/Creative Director Michael DeVellis’s inspirational Beauty Talk with Janice Tunnell and Denise Tunnell below. The discussions will help anyone who is serious about making it in makeup, or anyone who is looking to refocus (or start focusing!) on their career, relationships or personal development. Also if you’re curious about what’s next at The Powder Group. and  if you want to know the background of Ten Words and why is focusing on a set group of impact words going to help your career and personal life. Additionally how can you move your world forward through a simple focus on your own Ten Words? Tune in below!

Sunday August 6, 2017
Beauty Talk: Ten Words with Michael DeVellis


Sunday July 16, 2017
Beauty Talk: Michael DeVellis and 10 Words