When I created On Makeup Magazine in 2008, the way we thought and behaved as an industry was very different. There were far fewer agencies, schools and artists overall. Facebook was just a few years old and Instagram didn’t even exist yet. Five years earlier in 2003 when I started The Powder Group, our industry was even less recognizable from the crowded, highly visible and often overwhelming place it is today.

In the past decade the reaction of many to the career of the makeup artist has gone from “That’s a job?” to “Wow! How cool that you’re a makeup artist.” This is due in large part to social media, but also due to attention to the career, like never before, with television programs like Face Off and Ru Paul’s Drag Race putting the magic of makeup artistry under a unique new spotlight and events like Comicon, Beautycon and Dragcon all jumping on the makeup artistry bandwagon, making pro makeup artistry Continue reading