From our Spring 2017 issue Beauty by Viktorija Bowers. Both a makeup artist and painter, Viktorija’s work showcases a blend of both her talents. Her paintings exude an ethereal feeling that translates beautifully into her makeup.

Viktorija is the second presenter of three for The Powder Group’s new, not to be missed The Artistry Series on July 23, 2018 in New York City. We are looking forward to Viktorija’s seminar and full-day workshop. Register and get more details at

Spring 2017
Makeup Viktorija Bowers @viktorijabowers
Photo Michael David Adams @michael.david.adams
Model Lauren Graves


From our Spring 2017 issue, Artistry by Moises Ramirez. His works is instantly recognizable and unforgettable, from his one-of-a-kind art to his gorgeous, artful makeup masterpieces.

Moises will be among the presenters at The Powder Group’s new not to be missed Artistry Series kicking off on June 25th, 2018 in New York City. We are looking forward to Moises seminar and full-day workshop. Register and get more details at

Painting Moises Ramirez @moisesartnyc
Collage Moises Ramirez
Digital Moises Ramirez
Photo Elements William Lords


From our Fall 2016 Issue Kit Focus: Louie Zakarian – Louie has had a career that spans more than two decades with a range of experience that crosses over from film and television, to theater and live performance. He has toured with Paul Simon, designed makeup for Broadway’s Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, and has film and television credits that include Fringe, The Magnificent Seven, Southpaw, Requiem for a Dream, Across the Universe, Evening, P.S. I Love You and The Ministers. But Louie is perhaps best known as the makeup department head at Saturday Night Live for the past 20 years. The accolades for his work are heard far and wide and he took home the Emmy Award for his work on SNL in 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2015. Over his tenure at SNL, more than 50 cast members have come through his makeup room along with more than 100 guest hosts and more than 100 musical guests. To say that Louie Zakarian has been a part of the most important program in popular culture would be an incredible understatement. He and his team have helped SNL parody presidents — including Bill Clinton, George W Bush and Barack Obama — along with other political figures, sports stars and celebrities. SNL reminds us to laugh and to maybe, just once in a while, to be silly. It also remind us to not take everything so seriously. But one thing Louie takes very seriously is his makeup kit. We asked Louie to share some of the products that he can’t live without and that help to make his makeup room and FX lab two of the most impressive and important makeup artist work spaces in our industry. He generously obliged.

Brush 1” Chip PPI Premiere Products Skin Illustrator Signature Series Palette Louis Zakarian Edition Ben Nye Final Seal Edap Dermal Biostimulant PPI Premiere Products Skin Illustrator Necro Palette Amazing Cosmetics Concealer NARS Pressed Powder in Desert  Joe Blasco Blue Nuetralizer Viseart Lip Palette Tweezerman Slant Tweezers Stiple Sponge Orange Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer TIGI Eyeshadow Palette Duo Adhesive 3rd Degree Silicone Modeling Compound Stilicolor Adhesive MAC Lipstick in Lucid Alcone Makeup Wipes Telesis Adhesive and Thinner Kryolan Grease Palette MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Foundation Pros-Aide Adhesive Viseart Eyeshadow Palettes Urban Decay Naked Palette Kiehl’s Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion Mascara Wands Disposable MAKE UP FOR EVER Forever Smokey Mascara Clinique Stay Neutral Powder MAC Spice Pencil RCMA VK Foundation Palettes #10 and #11 Telesis Supersolv



With The Artist Summit 2017 right around the corner happening October 1 – 6, 2017, and featuring presenters such as AJ Crimson, Alphonse Wiebelt, Sheila McKenna, Carl Ray, Bethany Townes, Orlando Santiago, Ryan Burke, Ryan McKnight, Rae Ann Silva, Danessa Myricks, Sutan Amrull, Chris McCarthy, James Vincent, and Michael DeVellis. A not to be missed event, check out highlights from 2015’s The Artist Summit below.   For more information and to register for The Artist Summit 2017, visit #seeyouatthesummit

Since 2003, we at The Powder Group have been creating programs and events that brought the pro makeup and beauty community together in new ways, elevated the artistry and business of the artists and stylists in our industry, and connected brands and pros in ways that were unique to our culture and energy. In 2008, we continued that journey and launched The Artist Summit event series. The program was an education forum and that provided a blend of business, artistry and community like few events in our history. In the next two years we brought the event to New York City, Miami and Chicago and thousands of pros came to join us on this new journey.

As the industry began to expand around us and education and other industry events began popping up everywhere, we regrouped on Continue reading


Some of the amazing beauty stories we have featured over the years by an incredible group of Makeup Artists and Photographers. Archive Beauty By Images above are listed by Makeup Artist name, followed by Photographer name for each row, Top to Bottom. Left to Right. Followed by Issue it was featured in.  To subscribe to On Makeup Magazine print, click here.

Sara Robey by Albert Sanchez Fall 2016
Olia Gebel by Eduard Gebel Spring 2015
Sonia Tabor by Jonathan Sevilla Spring 2016H
eiko Palach by Anja Frers Spring 2012
Kela Wong by Albert Sanchez Fall 2016

Valeria Kole by Sebastian Smith Spring 2015
Gregory Arlt by Albert Sanchez Spring 2015
Kathy Jeung by Albert Sanchez Fall 2012
Sharon Gault by Sean Armenta Spring 2012
Donald Simrock by Albert Sanchez Spring 2014

Rachel Goodwin by Steve Erie Spring 2009
Anthony Gordon by Klara G Fall 2012
David Gilmore by David Gilmore Spring 2011
Gilbert Soliz by Kat Morgan Spring 2014
John Stapleton by Vijat Mohindra Spring 2012

Roshar by Brandon Showers Fall 2011
Miss Fame by Albert Sanchez Fall 2015
Angelique Valez by Will Haddad Fall 2012
Stephen Dimmick by Albert Sanchez Spring 2016
Priya Maharaj by Sebastian Smith Spring 2014

Mathu Andersen by Austin Young Spring 2009
James Vincent by Alexander Thompson Spring 2011
Michelle Webb by Max Barnett Spring 2014
Orlando Santiago by Mark Sacro Fall 2009
Edward Cruz by Marc Richards Spring 2010


From our Summer 2008 Issue, these pieces of art were created entirely from makeup!
Artwork: Stephanie Born | Photography: Richard Gary


Suggested_25Books_smallFrom the Archive-Spring 2008 issue: SUGGESTED 25 Books.  This list of books are timeless, in that they still hold relevance in our industry. They hold tidbits of inspiration and beauty that open our eyes to the expanse of possibilities when we as artists look upon a face, be it for editorial, bridal, commercial etc. We hope you find the beauty and inspiration in this suggested list, as we did when putting together this for our Spring 2008 issue.

There are few things more inspiring thank a good book – and in the case of makeup artistry – one filled with amazing and inspirational photos. Books connect us to things past, present, familiar and unfamiliar.  They allow us to interpret and dissect, to Continue reading