When I was putting this issue of On Makeup Magazine together, realizing that it was the issue that would officially represent 20 years in business for The Powder Group, I realized that I needed to include a special celebration of one of the most important people on my journey. A woman who has inspired both me and my community, kept me focused, cheered me along, and gave me the opportunity and honor of working by her and her incredible husband Jacques Waneph’s side for many years, both as a collaborator and as a part of her brand. That woman is the visionary, artist, educator, inspirer and Icon, Dany Sanz.

Without her in my life, I truly don’t know if I would still be doing this today. Her influence is felt across my decision making, and her words often echo in my head as I think about what is now and what is next for TPG and myself

But knowing I am not alone in my feelings of gratitude and awe, I felt it was that instead of just sharing my thoughts on the Icon that is Dany Sanz, it would be fitting to ask some of our industry colleagues to share their own take on the woman that changed an industry and a craft.

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buy Pregabalin Lyrica uk Founder, World Bodypainting Festival
Over the span of a decade, Dany has been an integral presence within the vibe of the World Bodypainting Festival, the WB Academy program and our WBF community. Her perspective as a jury member is an invaluable treasure, her profound artistic wisdom in makeup, bodypainting, and the arts enriches both the WBF organization and the artists who participate in the competitions immensely.

Craig Tracy
Fine Art Bodypainting Artist, New Orleans
When you think you’ve seen it all or done it all and then you meet someone that reminds you of just how big, beautiful and important our makeup world truly is, that’s Dany. She’s a giant with the heart of a lion.

Darcy Gilmore
Makeup Artist, Los Angeles
In a world where artistry, beauty and education is attainable for both creators and consumers, we thank Dany Sanz. Personalizing ways to create by launching pigments, textures, formulas and showing us immense possibilities that with our own hands and minds, we are in charge of our creativity and careers.

Makeup Artist, New York City
Dany is a true pioneer in the world of makeup artistry and has inspired so many others to explore their own creative and artistic paths.

David Hernandez
Makeup Artist, Los Angeles
Dany Sanz the artist, the inspiration, the educator, the creator and last but not least my makeup Mother. Without Dany Sanz I would not be the artist I have become. She taught me all aspects of Art. The best is that she still teaches and inspires me. Thank you Mama!

Debbie Zoller
Makeup Artist, Los Angeles
Watching Dany paint a face is such a beautiful and unique experience. She has such a specific style yet she never repeats a makeup twice. I’m so grateful to Dany for her artistry and creating her makeup brand, Make Up For Ever, specifically with makeup artists in mind. She knew exactly what products we needed to make our job successful before we did. Thank you Dany for your years of contribution to the ever changing art of makeup.

Einat Dan
Makeup Artist, Berlin
Since the beginning of my career, I’ve been impressed by Dany Sanz’s incredible artistry as a makeup artist. Her talent and up-to-date techniques have always inspired me. Her limitless creativity and outstanding work have left a remarkable impact on the beauty industry, making her an exceptional source of inspiration.

Emma Rutherford
Publisher/Editorial Director, Warpaint Magazine
Dani Sanz is most definitely a true icon. I’ve admired her work since I first came into the industry. Her creativity and passion have always driven her to achieve bigger and bolder things, and the makeup line and schools that she founded are deservedly amongst the best in the world. Stamped throughout with her personal brand DNA. They stand as a testament to what she’s achieved. As she once told me, you’re only limited by your imagination – and hers is sublime.

Filippo Ioco
Bodypainter and Fine Artist, Barcelona
From one artist to another, Dany Sanz, the lady behind the ICON is who I have come to admire as a colleague and appreciate as a friend. She has always treated me with such kindness and respect. Spending time with her is truly a special treat and the fact that she has expressed that the feeling is mutual makes it even more special.

Karen Yui
Artist, Hong Kong
Dany Sanz’s artistry in makeup, honed at her school in Hong Kong, has been my guiding light for over 20 years. Her influence propelled me to study European makeup styles, enriching my journey in this field. She is not just an icon, but the brush that paints my makeup canvas.

Floriane David
Makeup Artist, Paris
Dany Sanz, a true entrepreneur! A true icon! Her strength and drive, as well as her deep outlook on life, make me want to be around her and absorb that energy. She is one of a kind, like a philosopher, a wise guru, who can achieve anything and pass it on. Dany has changed my life and pushed me to go further on this “life is the stage” journey.

James Vincen
Makeup Artist, Providence
The first time I heard Dany Sanz speak it changed my life. I was living in London and Dublin at the time, figuring out my makeup life. Her brand had always supported me in product and I was obsessed with her understanding of color and her creativity. But hearing her speak about the importance of education and community hit me in a different way. After her session I shyly made my way up to thank her and speak with her. She told me in those few moments that I was a teacher and needed to teach. It changed my whole trajectory. When she opened her Make Up For Ever shop in NYC they became one of my sponsors and sponsored me for over a decade, and while I never worked directly for the brand, I have stood on five continents sharing her message. I will forever be proud to be part of Dany’s tribe. Always.

Lijha Stewart
Makeup Artist, New York City
I was lucky to work with Dany for eight years. She taught me many lessons like, stay humble, give generously and create community. The thing that she taught me that changed my art and life FOR EVER is “Be free with movements.” She taught me how to find flow through my brush and canvas and that the tools communicate with our movement.

Luis Casco
Makeup Artist, Los Angeles
Dany, a visionary ahead of her time, captivated me with her artistic brilliance when I first stepped into her Parisian store in the 90’s at the beginning of my career; even today, that awe and inspiration remain as strong as ever.

Matin Maulawizada
Makeup Artist, New York City
Dany has been an inspiration to me from the very beginning of my career as a makeup artist and I didn’t even know it was her work that I was putting on my mood boards. It was much later that I met her at an industry event when she was launching her book that I realized she was the person behind all the great works I’ve been collecting for years. Her work is epic. The imagery she creates on canvas and paper is awe inspiring. Not to mention she exudes confidence and humility at the same time.

Merrell Hollis
Makeup Artist, New York City
Dany Sanz is a true icon in every sense of the word! She has been a trendsetter and trailblazer in this industry whom I respect immensely. She created a brand unlike any other in Make Up For Ever. When I first moved to NYC this was the first brand that I knew one day I would work with. Then years later I created my own personalized eyeshadow for the brand.

Viktorija Bowers
Makeup Artist and Fine Artist, New York City
Dany represents everything I love about being a makeup artist. She is an artist’s artist, visionary, creator and muse. With her art and passion she leads and folds us into her tribe.

Moises Ramirez
Painter and Makeup Artist, New York City
Dany Sanz is an artist who truly merged art and makeup. Not only did she share all her artistry and product knowledge with the makeup artist community, she has also done so much to support pro makeup artists. We are all so grateful.

Nick Lujan
Makeup Artist, New York City
Before social influencers, Dany toured the world. Through her passion, art techniques, innovative formulas and mentorship, she inspires artistry in others. Her super power is her fearless tenacity. Dany is my rockstar mentor that truly inspired

my heart for education and artistry. When I am feeling lost I often ask myself, “What would Dany do?”

Pati Dubroff
Makeup Artist, Los Angeles
Dany has been an inspiration of mine for so many years. She is groundbreaking in her approach to color, formulations and application techniques. She is the OG makeup artist’s makeup artist, a rebel with a cause — make makeup better!

Rachel Goodwin
Makeup Artist, Los Angeles
Dany Sanz is the quintessential artist’s artist. When I was just starting out in this business I saved up for months to make a pilgrimage to Dany’s makeup school in Paris. It was mind blowing! Her dedication to our craft knows no bounds. Dany’s a true visionary who has nurtured so many artists with her passion for makeup, and has moved our industry forward in more ways than I can count.

Makeup Artist, Los Angeles
When I first met Dany I was awestruck by how kind she was. She had been in the industry for so long and had created so many things for other artists, yet retained so much compassion and a humble nature. She has such a unique ability to create while including the artists around her. She is such an endearing person!

Shelly Taggar
Owner, The Makeup Show
I met Dany 15 years ago at The Makeup Show, and her support in the pro community and the show itself was something so special to us. Dany has always placed the pro community first, given her time, dedication and expertise, and made sure artists around the world always had the product and skills they needed to do their best work. Dany is a unique talented artist, and one I always admired and love having on our stages.

Words Michael DeVellis
Illustration David Gilmore