What was your research process like for Halston?
I studied extensive research. I often find replicating hues of colors from books, old magazines or photographs a challenge. In order to find authentic shades true to the period, it is best to create a color scheme. Shades of lipsticks or blush often require the mixing and blending of colors in order to find the right hues that translate, for example, on the actor’s lips to match the era. Finding nuances requires tweaking. Whether it’s lipstick, blush, contour, eyeshadow, all needs to translate appropriately. We shot in high definition, a further challenge to replicating shades of colors. On occasion, it has happened that I was not aware of filters that were used, which can be a startling revelation, not necessarily the fun kind.

You shut down during filming due to Covid. What was that experience like?
We started filming Halston about four weeks before we got shut down. News started trickling in of other shows shutting down and of friends getting sick. We came in on a Friday the 13th in March and were sent home for Continue reading