DavidBowie_illustrationAs we were putting the content outline together for our Spring 2013 issue of On Makeup Magazine, our Director of Artistry, James Vincent, and I were talking through the issue. We came to the Icon piece and started having a dialogue about who we might feature in this issue. Maybe it was because he was on our mind as his album The Next Day was about to be released. Maybe it was because he is always so in the background of our collective consciousness as an industry. But one of us suggested David Bowie and our eyes met with an immediate – yes! Icon is a feature that isn’t only about makeup or beauty and the influence our feature subject has had in these areas. It is about someone who, while they have made an impact on our industry on some level, has earned the respect of our community and the world for who else they are. For what else they have given us – what else they have done for others. David Bowie was a man who changed everything. The expectation of what it means to influence the world changes when someone like Bowie comes along. For his music, his generosity, his inspiration and of course his makeup – his amazing, creative, breathtaking makeup – David Bowie was our Icon for the Spring 2013 issue of On Makeup Magazine. As the incredible sad news of his passing breaks across the world we look back at his incredible life and his countless contribution to our culture and society and hope you will enjoy the words of James Vincent and the beautiful art of Joe Dulude from On Makeup Magazine Icon feature, Spring 2013.
– Michael DeVellis, Editor/Creative Director, On Makeup Magazine    Continue reading