How did you come to collaborate on Distortraits?
Kelly: We do a lot of beauty shoots with models coming through San Francisco. That  work can tend to have a limited shelf life. The Distortraits came about as a way to re-purpose those images and to give them a new life. By distorting them in-camera, the picture becomes less a portrait of a specific person, and more of a symbol, reduced to mood, tone and form.

How often do you collaborate on projects?
Kelly: We almost always work together whenever I have a booking. I have learned the lesson to never forgo professional makeup on a portrait shoot if I can help it. Stacy
is great at making people feel relaxed before going in front of the camera, which is a valuable asset. It’s why she’s always booked with commercial/corporate work.

What’s the best part of working with your spouse on creative projects?
Stacy: I love that Kelly is so motivated by the world around him. He is always taking in what inspires him, and his enthusiasm and attention to detail inspire me. We are both Continue reading