What inspired you to create this project and what about it was the most interesting for you?
Many people know I started as a fine artist long before I touched a makeup tool. I’ve worked in oil, acrylics, printmaking, watercolor and installation. I sculpt and built my
own fx and props. The art world and the makeup world are very different. When trying to bridge the two I’ve hit many challenges because the markets rarely overlap. I seldom get a chance to just sit and create art for the sake of creating. When I went to The Powder Group’s Creative Exploration Workshops, both in 2014 and 2016, I had this experience of weightlessness in being surrounded in materials and mediums with no pressure but just to play. Doing it twice, in Provincetown no less, I wanted to recreate that experience in a story that had both worlds collide.

There are so many mediums in art, how did you determine which you would use for this project?
Part of what draws me to look at and create art is the ability to convey combinations of texture and color I find interesting and raw. Each medium I chose to portray on the face I wanted to juxtapose the skin texture, but also be true to the payoff the art mediums naturally provide. An homage if you will to the Continue reading