Passion. Purpose. Vision.
The success of any business, any relationship, any life, any
undertaking, can be summed up in those three words.
In some ways those words can be the difference between
just doing a thing, or excelling at it. Just living your life or
embracing it.
Without the driving force of Passion, what are we here for?
What is the balance of joy we get from the intensely hard
work we put into our career and life every day?
Without a solid Purpose anchoring the way we move
forward, how do we know where we are going and why we
are heading in that direction? How do we know when we
have arrived?
Without Vision, and a sightline toward the future, what do
we do once we have reached a goal. Without planning
past the “what is” and thinking in terms of “what can be”
how one can find a path to what comes next?
Can we live a solid life and have a strong career without
thinking in terms of Passion, Purpose and Vision? Yes, of
course. But what are we missing out on when we leave
these important thought processes out of our plan?
Think of it like a comparison between a well shot portrait
by a professional photographer versus a selfie. You might
have captured that good light in the selfie, but is it the
best it can be? Does that selfie represent the most
elevated version of you?
Imagine the difference if you make the extra effor t and
plan out, with a photographer, how to create a photo that
shows your true heart, your Passion. One that is shot with
an understanding of the Purpose of the image and your
Vision for what you want the world to see of you.
Creating the ultimate image of yourself is very different
than creating good enough.
Making the extra effort to do things the best way, not the
easiest way, will always get you better results. Using the
right tools, involving the right people, having the right
inspiration, and taking the path that might be a little
harder, will land you in the most amazing place ever —
one filled with Passion, Purpose and Vision — every time.

how to buy prednisone from canada Michael DeVellis
Editor, On Makeup Magazine