When we think about the passing of time, we often can
visualize it most easily from the perspective of

Photos of ourselves, and the people and places around
us, can call into memory very specific moments and
emotions, and both good times and challenging ones.
This portrait from 2004, just a few months after I launched
The Powder Group, is the first professional headshot I had
ever had taken.

It was shot by a photographer named Arthur Cohen.
Ar thur is no longer with us but at the time he and I
shared a studio space in Chelsea for our businesses.
This photo, along with so many of the photos in the
Milestone feature in this issue, remind me of many things
about the early days of my business.

My excitement in star ting something completely new.
The chance that so many people took on me.
The fear and stress when things were their most difficult.
The joyfulness I felt every time someone said that this new
thing called The Powder Group that I created made a
difference in their life and career.

Time passing can be kind and exciting in some ways
and brutal in others. The greying hair and more textured
skin that comes with the passing of 20 years are signs of
wisdom yes, but also signs that we all move on and
forward. How we choose to manage that path is up to us.
I have chosen to see the present and future as
opportunity filled and a time for continued commitment
to my purpose, to my personal growth, and the
continuing evoluton of my business.

At the same time, I still will continue to look back at my
two decade TPG journey with the presence of mind to be
filled with gratitude for all that has come and
hopefullness for all that will come next.

insultingly Michael DeVellis
Editor, On Makeup Magazine