We thought it was fitting to start the week with this welcome note by our Editor/Creative Director, Christian  Michael DeVellis from the  http://marionjensen.com/2014/12/its-all-about-the-zones.html Fall 2018 Issue. The theme focusing on change, transition and moving forward, couldn’t come at a better time as we celebrate the launch of not only our Fall 2018 Issue, but also the 15th anniversary of The Powder Group.  Thank you to our readers for your continued support and we look forward to continuing to bring you the best of the Pro Beauty Industry.


I have to tell you, I’m really excited about the future. I am excited because of what I know about it, and also what I don’t. I am excited for what’s next because that means change.

Change is good. Change can also be really, really hard.

Movement forward is a necessary part of life and business. Forward, by definition, tends to mean leaving something behind. That is where the hard part usually comes in.

Whether it’s about personal, professional or psychological change, moving from one stage, or place, to another, can bring about a lot of emotions. Emotions that, quite possibly, can seem contradictory to each other – liberating, nerve-wracking, exciting, terrifying.

Change is always interesting, sometimes difficult, often awesome.

But, at the end of the day, it’s not always for us to decide. Change is inevitable. Don’t fight it. Take a deep breath. Hold someone’s hand. Get ready for whatever is coming.

As we celebrate the milestone of our 15th year at The Powder Group, I can not help but pause to wonder what is next for us…and for me.

That’s a lot of years and I’ve loved every minute, but the thing that has made this all work for so long is that we keep moving and changing. I’m truly excited to see what change is ahead.

I know one thing for certain. If I move forward and transition into the next phase of my  business and career, with honesty and authenticity, there are no limits to what can come next. For now, just know that gratitude abounds for all who have helped me get to this place, and for all who have yet to come.

Michael DeVellis
Editor/Creative Director, On Makeup Magazine

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