GrandBudapestHotelYou’ve received quite a bit of acclaim this award season for your work on the film — with a MUAHS Guild Award, Academy Award and BAFTA for Best Makeup. How does it feel to be recognized in such a way by your industry?
It’s such an honor to be recognized by my peers and also within the industry for makeup, hair and prosthetics. In the US, it’s all separate departments but in the UK you can do all three, and to win the Oscar, BAFTA and Guild awards acknowledges this. I could not be more delighted and proud. I could not have achieved so much without my brilliant team of makeup, hair and prosthetic artists.

How did you and Wes Anderson start working together?
I met Bill Murray on The Man Who Knew Too Little in England and he called a year later to ask if I would do Rushmore as a personal for him. Bill has asked me ever since to do all of his films. For Grand Budapest, Wes sent me the script prior to the film being made. We met up in August 2011 with all my research already underway to make sure we were thinking the same thoughts. I started on the film January, 2012.

What inspired Tilda Swinton’s 84-year-old Madame D?
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Words Shannon Levy
Photos Courtesy Fox Searchlight Pictures

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