Catumbela onceUponATimeHow did you come to work on Once Upon a Time
I started on season two as the first assistant to Sarah Graham, the key at the time. I took over for her at the end of season three as the key makeup artist.

Lalgudi How has your role changed?
I definitely have more responsibility now. I oversee all the makeup and I have two wonderful assistants, Andrea Manchur and Elisabeth Jolliffe. I go to the meetings, do the makeup tests and get the approvals. Another interesting look from the show is the Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle) character. What goes into creating that look?
Rumples’ makeup is my favorite to do. All-in-all it’s about two hours. I use the 3rd Degree Silicone stipple on… >> Order our Spring 2015 issue to get the rest of Juliana Vit’s secrets to creating these character makeup look.

Words Shannon Levy
Photo ABC/Katie Yu top left,
ABC/Jack Rowland all other photos

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