In 2020, due to the pandemic and for the first time in its more than two decade history, The World Bodypainting Festival live program had to be cancelled. But not being one for sitting on the sidelines waiting to be able to join together again in person, the program’s founder Alex Barendregt decided to go online with the event. The virtual event was a great success and while the 2021 event was originally planned to go live again in Klagenfurt, Austria, the ongoing pandemici ssues made this impossible so Alex once again went onlinew ith the program with an even more spectacular programt hat the first virtual program.

buy Pregabalin uk next day delivery This will mark the second year that the World
Bodypainting Festival has been held virtually. How was this year’s event received by the WBF community?

The community fully understood that we had to cancel the live event again. The response to another virtual event was incredible. They loved being able to create some art at leastf rom their home countries. Within the week of the program,t he world was busy creating bodypainting and makeup art— a beautiful thing during a difficult time for our community.

Myrhorod Why was it important to you to have the event again virtually this year instead of simply postponing it?

Postponing for me personally is giving up. I do not give upe ver, and next year we are celebrating the 25th anniversary. It will be amazing.

How many artists took place in this year’s competition?
We had 450 participants from 48 countries.

What were some highlights from this year’s program?
We had more competition categories online — eight in total — plus one live competition, the World Camouflage Award. There were also many more art installations taking place every day on various squares in the old town of Klagenfurt.
Each day we had five installation plus exhibitions in some galleries. We also streamed eight workshop programs within the week.

You included. an educational element — the WB
Academy as well again this year?

Yes, the educational experience is a big part of the annual program and this year we had eight instructors: Filippo Ioco, Einat Dan, Bella Volen, Michael Müller, Silke Kirchhoff, Bella Volen, Mike Shane, Paul Merchant and Ernst Wieser. The
events took place in the first four days of the festival week during mornings and evenings. Bodypainting, Makeup, Airbrush, Action painting, Hair and more areas were covered. There were over 150 participants in the workshops. It was a
very successful WB Academy!

Can people still watch any recording of the event?
Yes you can go to our website for much of it.

What will be next for World Bodypainting Festival?
Next year is our 25th anniversary so it will be very special. We are working on our biggest live show for July 17-23, 2022 in Klagenfurt with a full program including the music festival that is such a big part of the event. All of the details will be on as they are confirmed. We are so excited to bring our community together again for an amazing celebration of artistry!

The first prize winners in each category are listed below. Images on the opposite page are in the below order top to bottom, and left to right.

Special Award: Rich Smokey Makeup
Sponsored by Kodi

Mandy Cheuk/ China

World Award: Airbrush
Sponsored by Kryolan

Alex Hansen / Brazil

World Award: Facepainting
Sponsored by Superstar

Jin Low Guan / Malaysia

World Award: Special Effects Bodypainting
Sponsored by Kryolan

Moona Jin Weaner / South Korea

World Award: Camouflage Bodypainting
Sponsored by Base Formula

Vilija Vitkutje / Sweden

Special Award: Special Effects Makeup
Sponsored by Kryolan

Melissa Thompson / USA

Special Award: Creative Makeup
Sponsored by MAC

Atly Kateryna / Ukraine

World Award: Brush/Sponge
Sponsored by Kryolan

Francesca Cavicchio / Italy

Amateur Award: Brush/Sponge Bodypainting
Sponsored by Kryolan

Su Yeon South / Korea

Words Michael DeVellis
Photos provided by World Bodypainting Festival