Since 2003, we at The Powder Group have been creating programs and events that brought the pro makeup and beauty community together in new ways, elevated the artistry and business of the artists and stylists in our industry, and connected brands and pros in ways that were unique to our culture and energy. In 2008, we continued that journey and launched The Artist Summit event series. The program was an education forum and that provided a blend of business, artistry and community like few events in our history. In the next two years we brought the event to New York City, Miami and Chicago and thousands of pros came to join us on this new journey.

As the industry began to expand around us and education and other industry events began popping up everywhere, we regrouped on how the program could be more to our pro community. In 2013 we relaunched The Artist Summit in a new format and in a special place to us at TPG – Provincetown, MA.

For those who know this beautiful, creative, and inspirational little seaside town, you understand why we gather there so often for The Powder Group events including Evolution, Creative Exploration Workshops, The Artist Summit and launching later this year, Elevation. For those who have not experienced the magic of Provincetown, I encourage you to set aside some time to join us there and expand everything about you and your career.

For everyone who joined us in Provincetown in 2013 for the relaunch of The Artist Summit, so much changed and so much happened. New ways of thinking, new ways of focusing and new relationships were just the start. I am proud every time I look at our industry growing through the people that came together with us there that year. Fast forward to this past October, 2015. A new year, a new series of presenters and nearly 200 attendees packing the room at Provincetown Inn ready to take a deeper look at, well, everything about their careers.

From the moment we gathered at the beautiful Provincetown Art Association and Museum for our welcome reception, generously sponsored by Skindinavia, the buzz of anticipation the air was palpable. That energy stayed with us through three amazing days of keynote presentation by the most inspirational collection of industry leaders that have ever shared a stage and to this day can still be felt as I talk to those artists who were in attendance. I’m forever grateful to our attendees, to Crown Brush who was a sponsor for the event, and the amazing group of presenters who came together with our TPG Pro community for their unparalleled vision, passion and commitment to helping others grow.

Pasrūr William Edge thank you for pushing us outside the box, throwing the box away and insisting that we move ourselves further than we thought was possible in your session Getting Uncomfortable.

Flower Mound Albert Sanchez and Pedro Zalba you took us on a journey of creativity and artistry and drove home the critical importance of having a solid grasp on the history and culture of our industry in Arriving at Inspiration: Uncovering Creativity.

Charlie Wan you took us one footstep at a time toward our own Everest as we followed your amazing journey through Reaching Your Everest and we will never look forward the same way again.

Stephanie Flor your session The Journey to My Path and the story of your passion for beauty and culture and your Around The World Beauty program inspired us deeply to follow our dreams.

Eve Pearl you told it like it is, like few can, as you gave us a serious breakdown on building our business while never losing the integrity of our artistry in your Art and Commerce session.

Roque Cozzette you brought us to an elevated place of personal enlightenment, providing us a plan for a deeper commitment to our own growth in Incorporating Wellness: Beautifying the World.

Alee Cao your personal story allowed us to each see, within ourselves, the truest possibilities and understand that anything is possible when you are setting your mind to Achieving Intention.

Eugenia Weston, Leslie Christin and Chad Hayduk listening to each of your unique stories and how you have maintained and grown your personal and professional selves along with your makeup businesses put us in the mindset to take on our careers in a fuller, more intense and driven way in Me, My Brand and I.

Dani Fonseca your energy and unabashedly frank perspective in I am Influence: Leadership in our Industry pushed us to get up, get out and take on our careers and industry as true leaders.

Chris McCarthy you shared the story, and important lessons, of the art community of Provincetown in your session The Power of Community, and gave new light to the process of building and nurturing our own pro makeup community.

James Vincent you showed us that no matter how long we have been in this, and now matter how successful we are, that The Struggle is Real and always will be. You inspire us to push ourselves harder and move faster every day.

I wish that I could somehow truly share the feeling that filled the room that week. But suffice to say that it was something you had to experience to truly understand. I hope, in around 18 months, on October 1 – 6, 2017 when we gather again for the next steps of our journey, you’ll be there with us at The Artist Summit 2017.


Words Michael DeVellis
Photos Lloyd Hansen

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  1. I can always count on The Powder Group to keep my head in the game when I start to feel like just giving up. So fantastic to have this strong community and family

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