Okay, okay – I was wrong. Back in 2022, when we learned that Provincetown Inn — the host location for all of our Provincetown programming — was in the process of being sold, we decided to wrap up our time in our favorite town in grand style. We produced, and billed as the final Provincetown program for The Powder Group, The Artist Summit 2021.

As it turned out, the Inn still wasn’t sold as we approached the two years later mark, so James Vincent and I decided to throw caution to the wind and return for what, this time may have actually been our last The Artist Summit Provincetown. This was our first time back in Provincetown as a community truly post-pandemic. With no social distancing in sight, the event not only brought us physically closer to each other but also brought us energetically closer together as a community. More than a third of the attendees were participating in their first The Artist Summit event and the OG TPG Pro members welcomed them into the family like only our folks can.

The presenter roster so far for The Artist Summit 2023 included the most inspirational voices from our industry and beyond and the programming was next level across the board — hitting every area of career and personal development over the three day program.

Unconditional I — James Vincent

The Art of Collaboration — Jon Hennessey

An Artist’s Journey — Romero Jennings

Crossroads to Calling — Charlie Wan

The Art of Pivoting — D’angelo Thompson

The Artist’s Voice — Chris McCarthy, Laura Shabott,

Sian Robertson, Mark Adams,

Of Art and Artistry — Viktorija Bowers

In the Spirit of Giving — Matin Maulawizada,

The Impossible Voice — Stacy Robinson

Creativity Unleashed — Jackie van Riet

Defeat Is Not An Option — Jami Zoglio, Kenya Carter Siddiq,

Teresa Reynolds, Talya Ashford

An Evolution — Michael DeVellis

The Artist Summit 2023 was sponsored by the most generous and pro-supportive brands in our industry: Senna Cosmetics, Skindinavia, ESUM, Beekman 1802, Alcone Company, OMNIA, RCMA Makeup, B3 Balm, Cinema Secrets, TEMPTU, MAC Cosmetics, ANISA Beauty, Rebels And Outlaws, Frends Beauty and On Makeup Magazine. Additional thanks to Skindinavia along with Allen Goldman and Deb Milley, who not only were sponsors of the main program, but also hosted our Welcome Reception on Sunday night — as they have done since we launched in Provincetown in 2013.

Thank you to all of our brand partners for your generosity and to so many of you for joining us in Provincetown for the program.

To our hands-on workshop presenters — Aga Rhodes for Skindinavia, Alphonse Wiebelt for ESUM, Jake Aebly, for Alcone Company, Stacy Robinson for A Raven’s Path, Auralis Flores for OMNIA, Tami Bernard for Beekman 1802 and James Vincent for RCMA and Cinema Secrets — thank you for wrapping up our week with a deep dive in artistic inspiration.

To my 2023 team, small but mighty — Kenya Carter Siddiq, Lauren Simpson, Ahbi Nisham and Katie Ambrose — thank you for giving so much to our community.

To the best co-producer I could ever ask for over the past twelve years of this program, James Vincent, I couldn’t, and wouldn’t, do it without you. Than you for all you do for me personally and our The Powder Group community.

I supposed that only time will tell if 2023 was our last year of this program. But I’m happy to say that the new owners of Provincetown Inn are enthusiastic about our returning this year for our Evolution and Elevation programs and seem like pretty awesome folks. We’ll keep our fingers crossed, and you should definitely stay tuned for any announcement about The Artist Summit 2025!

What started out in 2008 as a multi-day, shopping and education event in NYC, Chicago and Miami, morphed in 2013 into the program it has been since. But the change in program structure was more than a shift to the energy of a true summit. The Artist Summit became a conversation and community based event truly focusing on all things development within pro makeup artistry. We brought more inspiration, more big ideas and more time together as a community to the table and our you showed up. I couldn’t be more proud of what The Artist Summit has become over the past dozen years to our The Powder Group community. And I couldn’t be more proud of all of you who have not only been a part of it, but truly made it the event it has become.

Words Wekiwa Springs Michael DeVellis
Photos Irvine Katie Ambrose