After a two year hiatus due to the pandemic, this award season brought with it not only another amazing celebration of the Make Up Artists and Hair Stylists Awards, but returning with resounding success was the annual Skindinavia Loves Pro event on the eve of the MUAHS. Hosted by Skindinavia Founder, Allen Goldman and Director of Brand Development, Deb Milley, the event brought together MUAHS nominees, makeup artist members of the Local 706 and 798, and industry luminaries to celebrate the pro community in advance of th biggest night in makeup. “These artists have always been so supportive of Skindinavia. It feels good to be able to give back, even in a small way. ” said Allen Goldman,“We are all so blown away by the incredible work that is honored at the awards and we are so inspired by the talent that surrounds us here in Hollywood.”  Deb Milley had this to say, “It’s the professional makeup artists that gave Skindinavia it’s start more than 18 years ago and we are are proud, inspired and grateful for this talented and generous community’s support.”

Teddy’s at The Hollywood Roosevelt once again set the scene for the celebration, produced by Michael DeVellis of The Powder Group on behalf of Skindinavia. Attendees of this year’s event were treated to an evening of cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and an huge amount of community love. The room was packed with the who’s who of pro makeup from MUAHS nominees to industry powerhouses and icons including Eugenia Weston, Ve Neill, Debbie Zoller, Eryn Krueger Mekash, Nicki Ledermann, Christina Smith, Barbara Lorenz, The Milton Agency Founder Daniella Milton, Local 706 Business Representative Karen Westerfield and Local 798 Vice President Jenn Bullock among many others.

Among the attendees at the party who would go on to win their categories at the 2023 MUAHS the next evening were:

Shane Thomas for Elvis

Doniella Davy, Alexandra J. French for Euphoria Season 2

David Williams, Jennifer Aspinall, Jason Collins, Mo Meinhart, Abby Lyle Clawson for Pam & Tommy

Michelle Chung for Everything Everywhere All at Once

Tyson Fountaine, Tonia Green for Legendary

Matt Sprunger, Alexei Dmitriew, Scott Stoddard, Jon Moore, LuAndra Whitehurst, Mo Meinhart for Guardians of the Galaxy: Holiday Special

Jason Collins, Kerry Herta for American Horror Stories: Dollhouse Promo

Erica Adams for The Quest

Other 2023 MUAHS Nominees attending the event included the following incredible talents.

Aurélie Payen, Carole Nicolas, Joséphine Bouchereau from Emily In Paris

Amy L. Forsythe, Devin Morales from Stranger Things

Mike Fontaine, Göran Lundström from The Batman

Nana Fischer from Amsterdam

Louie Zakarian, Jason Milani, Amy Tagliamonte,

Brendan Grether from Saturday Night Live

Tym Buacharern, Kato DeStefan, Eleanor Sabaduquia

Jennifer Zide-Essex from Nope

Denise Tunnell, Janice Tunnell, Ashley Langston from Till

Mark Coulier, Jason Baird from Elvis

Rebecca Hickey from The White Lotus

Darcy Gilmore, Kristene Bernard from The Voice

James MacKinnon Beauty and the Beast: A 30th Celebration

Mandy Artusato from Babylon

Robert Bolger, Justin Jackson The Young and The Restless

Julie Hassett from The Fairly Odd Parents

Kim Felix from Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Cristina M. Jimenez from I Can See Your Voice

Details on all the nominees and winners of the MUAHS can be found at

Please note: Every effort was made to present the above information accurately. Our apologies for any ommissions or errors as they were unintentional.

Words Michael DeVellis
Photos Brandon Showers