From Viseart – the company that brought you pro makeup artist cult favorites palettes like the Neutral Matte, Paris Nude, and Dark Matte – staples that have quickly become a part of a professional makeup artist kit essentials, comes the  where to buy stromectol uk Viseart Grande Pro Volume 1 Palette. This exclusive collector’s palette curated by Alphonse Wiebelt, Co-founder of  how to buy generic isotretinoin MUSE Beauty.Pro and  buy ivermectin scabies online Viseart, feature 30 matte shades, 6 highly requested classic shades some from the Neutral, Cool and Dark Mattes palettes, and 24 brand new shades.  Each of the 24 new shades were chosen from the archives of some of the most desired pigments and follow the traditional formulation of Viseart’s iconic matte pigment-rich, creamy, blend-able with a smooth application formula.

The palette range of colors were systematically laid out within the magnetized easel palette to help pros work effortlessly, the first two column of shades are best used as bases, the 3rd and 4th columns are best for contour work, the 5th column can be used to intensify or bump up a look and the last column of shades are best for adding definition. “The vision was to design a work-ready palette of essential hues that every artist can use on a daily. There are so many trend palettes on the market of mixed textures that the goal was to curate a collection of matte shades from the Viseart archives that accommodate all skin-levels in a range of key undertones in both warn & cool. Plus, I wanted something sleek and a bit sexy for the artist too – I think we hit it!”, said Alphonse Wiebelt Co-founder of MUSE Beauty.Pro.

We had a chance to play with this new palette and the color payoff with each shades is super intense. The texture is creamy, and almost feels gel-like, while the pigment of each shade is true to color and absolutely everything. Each shade is build-able, and with the richness of each hue, one swipe is all you need. The shadows were also tested out in both a very humid environment and in a cold, windy, rainy environment and the shadows lasted all throughout the day and night and didn’t crease, or fade in intensity.

With this palette labeled Volume 1 we wondered if this is the first in a series of curated palettes to come, and we went directly to the source and Alphonse assured us that “it’s all a work in progress, and we have so many ideas in the works…all I can say is….stay-tuned!“, so there you have it we can’t wait to see what else comes out of this creative collaboration from Viseart and Muse Beauty.Pro. The Viseart Grande Pro Volume 1 Palette, $175.00, Pro $140.00 will make it’s debut at The Makeup Show LA on November 4th & 5th Exclusively at the Muse Beauty.Pro Booth 2002.   The palette is limited edition and will also be available online at #ViseartGrandePro

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