When I started pulling together images for this feature, I honestly became a little bit overwhelmed. Not by the work it took to go through hundreds upon hundreds of images, not by the difficulty in deciding which images to showcase among so many favorites. I was overwhelmed by the sheer mass of what we had done together as a community with this little magazine of ours.

Over the past ten years, we have celebrated artists from every area of the industry and every corner of the globe. We have brought together brands and schools and agencies and production companies that love makeup artistry as much as we do.

We have put makeup artists in the spotlight usually reserved for their clients — forcing them to center stage. I am beyond grateful to have been able to celebrate so many incredible pros and so many inspirational and artistic journeys with you over the years.

We have celebrated our industry like no other, and best of all, we have had a good time as a community doing it. Now, mind you, given the small size of our team and the amount of work that goes into each issue, I’m not sure everyone would always agree on the “good time” part. But each time we crack that first box open and see a peek of the cover coming through — just a sliver of green or yellow, orange or blue — it is all worthwhile.

As they say though, it takes a village — in this case a global one made up of hundreds of makeup artists, photographers, writers, stylists, agents, and businesses big and small, who all came together to support each other and this incredible industry we are so lucky to be a part of. Thank you to everyone who said yes to being a part of our On Makeup Magazine world.

To the brands that joined us with our first issue — this literally could not have happened without you. So thank you Alcone, MAKE UP FOR EVER, MAC, Cinema Secrets, Stila, Temptu, Smashbox, Frends Beauty, Make-up Designory, Kett, Cosmetics, Nigel Beauty, Monda Studio, Kryolan, Complections International Academy, Shiny Mama, Billy B Beauty, Crown Brush, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Face Atelier, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Dermalogica, Mehron, Three Custom Color Specialists, The Beauty Closet, Big Girl Cosmetics, Rouge Makeup Studio, Alison Raffaele, Myrabelle Mascara Shield, Westmore Academy, ADesign, Eve Pearl, Studio Airbrush, Pencil Me In and Hakuhodo. You made this possible by supporting us on day one.

As I look at that list I am so proud that so many of our advertisers have been with us in every issue since. You are the backbone of this publication and we are forever grateful
for your support. Support that allowed us to create our first issue. An issue that we look back on with pride and, truth be told, some amazement that we actually made it happen.

With that issue we set out to create something different, not just in format but in content. From Kit Focus, Profile and On Set features, to Reality Check, Artist to Artist, Icon and Giving, we wanted our readers to experience our industry from all sides. Thank you for embracing that idea so wholeheartedly. Our first issue — whose features are listed below — showcases some of that range. Thank you to all of those who agreed to be a part of that issue. You made us look really, really great.

Profile – Jon Hennessey
Artist to Artist – Yana Chupenko + Justen Bronson
Giving – Matin Maulawizada + Afghan Hands
Beauty — by Billy B
Beauty Queen – Beyond Burlesque
Icon – Dolly Parton
Feature – The Artists of CNN
Where – Daniel Sandler’s London
Kit Focus – Sharon Gault
Kit Focus – Ve Neill
On Stage – Lord of the Rings
Suggested – 100 Films
On Set – Ugly Betty
On Set – Maurice Stein + The Golden Girls
Beauty – by Eran Pal

From the beginning we committed to creating a platform that was not built around who paid us the most, or who had the most magazine covers or awards. We wanted to, and to this day, celebrate all artists — emerging and legendary. When I think about the artists who have said yes to being a part of our journey, I could not be more humbled by the idea that these incredible artisans, at every level of experience, would agree to be a part of our magazine and help us to inspire others.

To everyone who has been a part of the process of creating On Makeup Magazine — I can not thank you enough for the hard work, the sweat and stress, the moments of being overwhelmed by our less than perfect process. I appreciate you more than words can express. And to our readers, advertisers, and all the retailers, schools and other industry businesses who share us with their communities — thank you. You are the reason we have done this for ten years and you make us proud every day to be a part of this industry.

Words Michael DeVellis
Photos courtesy of buy Lurasidone uk On Makeup Magazine

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