MILESTONE: 10 YEARS OF BEAUTY TALK What inspired you to start Beauty Talk Radio ten years ago?
Ten years ago, I wanted to do a radio show to create consistent beauty conversations among industry professionals as a way of having fun. It quickly turned into something that was very informative an inspiring.

buy antabuse tablets uk What has been one of your most memorable moments on the show?
Denise Tunnell: The very first time that Sam Fine was on the show is my most memorable time. There was a large live listening audience with many people calling into the show as well as many makeup artists active in our chat room.

Janice Tunnell: Interviewing Mikki Taylor, formerly of Essence Magazine as well as interviewing Ve Neill, another Film Artist that we’ve admired and respected for years. With the many amazing industry professional guests you all have featured on Beauty Talk, what’s been the common message from your guests?
DT: Beauty comes from within.
JT: And believe in yourself.

How has the industry changed since Beauty Talk started 10 years ago?
Two words, Social Media. Social Media is much bigger. When we first started the show, Twitter was the popular social media of choice for the industry. Now, pictures are everything as well as live video. Also, everyone is a makeup artist now.

What makes a program like Beauty Talk so special and resonate with your listeners and guests?
DT: Beauty Talk is the kind of show that inspires you. It gives you hope as an artist. Hearing the stories of other makeup artists, hairstylists, estheticians, brand owners, etc. and how they got started allows the listener to believe that they can do the same.

JT: what makes Beauty Talk so special is that we bring the Beauty Industry to the Beauty Industry. Artists want to hear from other artists to be inspired and to hear about their journey and how they achieved success.

Of your collection of Beauty Talks, which three talks would you recommend to
listeners to get to know Beauty Talk?
Sam Fine’s first show, Our most recent show with Reggie Wells, and any of the Beauty News shows.

You’re both working artists in the industry, can you tell us about some of the recent projects you have worked on and anything coming up that you are excited about?
We are most excited about the release of Step Up Highwater streaming now on YouTubeRED as well as Season 2 of Atlanta for FX Networks. Atlanta airs at 10pm starting March 1st 2018 on FX. Also, an upcoming powerful movie that Janice was department head of makeup, deals with the ‘Black Lives Matter’ issue, called, “The Hate U Give”, based on a book with the same title.

What is the Definition of Beauty Campaign, being featured on Beauty Talk this
The Definition of Beauty Campaign comes from the one question that we ask our guests at the end of the show, What is beauty to you, What’s your definition of Beauty? The campaign is aimed at getting young girls and women to look beyond the outer surface and see how beauty runs deep within, and realizing that beauty is everywhere and comes in many forms.

What can we expect from Beauty Talk throughout the year in celebration of the
10 years?
Giveaways. Look forward to a lot of giveaways coming up. Conversations and Topics that we’ve never tackled, a few surprise guests and Beauty Talk Live at a couple of Beauty Events here in the US . We are thinking of finishing up the year with a 10 year Anniversary event.

What amazing guest(s) can we look forward to tuning into this year?
You can definitely look forward to an interview with Denise & Janice with a surprise Host. There are so many great guests planned for this year, you have to tune in to hear.

Are there any dream guests you haven’t had a chance to beauty talk with and
would like to?
DT: Dick Page, Billy B, Francesca Tolot.
JT: Francesca Tolot, Joy Adenuga

What advice would you all give to an artist starting out in the industry today?
Study, study, study, study Your craft. Learn everything about it and more. Also, Be fearless. Don’t be afraid to try new things related to your craft. Learn who the major players are in your craft and study them and their work. Learn as much as you can.

Who have been the three biggest influences in each of your careers?
Marietta Carter-Narcisse has been the biggest influence in our careers. When we met Marietta back in 2001 she had already had the career and experiences that we desired to have. We’ve learned so much from her over the years through many conversations on and off of Beauty Talk Radio.

Who are your beauty Icons?
If we could go back, we would say Dianna Ross, Dianne Carroll, and Billie Holiday for their unique styles and classic beauty. For current day icons, we would say Beyonce and Halle Berry for their ‘Clean Beauty’ looks.

Is there anything else you would like our pro-community to know about Beauty Talk?
The Goal of Beauty Talk is to Inspire, Inform, and Educate and we try to do that by bringing the best in Beauty News and Info along with some of the best guest artists from around the world. It is our commitment to do this every Sunday night at 9pm EST/6pm PST. You can find the show on Social Media at: Twitter: @Beauty_Talk Instagram: @Beauty_Talk_Media Facebook: @BeautyTalkOnline

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