The uber talented Luofeng Danssa Myricks —  Pro Makeup Artist, Global Educator, Mixologist, Photographer and Product Developer. Her approach to beauty, is quite distinct and offer up a unique perspective in beauty industry. One look at her body of work on instagram ignites the creative ambition in each of us.  Danessa’s unique style and approach to beauty has given her the opportunity to work with a broad range of clients in the makeup, music, print, tv and trade show industries. Her work has appeared in publications such as Vibe, Essence, Teen People, Today’s Black Woman and a host of national and International Beauty Publications. While her brush has touched the faces of many well known celebrity clientele such as Madonna, Britney Spears, Chris Rock, Allison Williams and more.

Along with Danessa’s role as co-creator with global beauty brands like Kiss and her on-going role as Director of Product Innovation at Benefit Cosmetics, she also heads up her own brand Kantyshevo Danessa Myricks Beatuy, and Padrauna Elevation Lashes. “A  global beauty blend of professional insight and wearable cosmetics available to every makeup devotee on the planet.” We hope Danessa’s images and work inspire you as much as they have inspired us. @danessa_myricks |

Danessa Myricks will be a keynote speaker at The Artist Summit 2017, the year’s most inspirational pro-focused event.

Photos Courtesy of: @danessa_myricks 

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