For nearly 14 years, there has been one industry event that has been synonymous with the excellence in creature creation for film and television – can you get Lurasidone over the counter Monsterpalooza. The show attracts thousands of attendees each year, gathering to celebrate all things After a two year absence due to Covid, the show is back live and in-person this June and we sat down virtually, with show founder Eliot Brodsky and Scott Heinly, owner of PPI Premiere Products — the show’s biggest sponsor — to find out what’s in store for Monsterpalooza’s 2022 return.

How would you describe Monsterpalooza to someone who hasn't been before?
Eliot: Monsterpalooza is a three day event that celebrates the art of creature creating for film and television via illustrations, sculptures and makeup application.

Scott: To the makeup artist I would say – Monsterpalooza is not a tradeshow, it is a
fan show for anyone that loves Halloween, horror, fantasy, sci-fi, and all the artistry that comes along with it.  Many makeup artists come to the show because they are fans of the genre — having grown up with classic films and TV or having worked on
them.  Monsterpalooza draws in a huge demographic from fine artists to families
that love the genre.

Is the event just for special FX artists?
Eliot: The show is definitely not just for FX artists, it has a very broad appeal to all
those who are fascinated by this world. Monsterpalooza introduces attendees to the
artists that work in the entertainment industry allowing them to talk to them, ask them questions concerning their artwork on display as well as their past film work.

What has changed most about it over the years since you launched in 2008? 
Eliot: In 2008 Monsterpalooza was known as Maskapalooza and had thirty exhibitors mostly selling collectible monster busts. Maskapalooza also had a small walk through museum featuring full figure monsters by Henry Alverez, Tom Kuebler and Jordu Schell.

Maskapalooza returned for a 2nd year with the name changed to Monsterpalooza so it could be all encompassing. This time is took place at The Burbank Convention Center with over 100 exhibitors and included illustrators, sculptors, makeup suppliers and actors for signing autographs.

What about now?
Eliot: Presently Monsterpalooza is now located at The Pasadena Convention Center
with over 400 exhibitors, a 2,000 square foot museum and actors signing autographs.
Covid put a hold on so much in the makeup and events industry.

How has the event shifted or evolved through the pandemic? 
Eliot: Monsterpalooza, along with many other group gatherings, was put on hold for the last two years. We tried to launch our Son of Monsterpalooza event in Burbank back in October but due to Delta developing we thought it best to cancel that event and shoot for our June 3-5 event.

Anything new coming to the event this year?
Eliot: Each show we have new panel discussions that normally revolve around our special guests.This year we have cast members from the Scream franchise as well as E.T – The Extraterrestrial. We are also celebrating the career of special effects artist Todd Masters and his company Masters FX.

What will be happening at the PPI booth this year?
Scott: We will have new products to showcase this year but most importantly, there will be lots of great demos, instruction and education from amazing makeup artists including Mark Coulier, Richard Redlefsen, Jason Collins, Kenny Myers, Lois Burwell, Ve Neill and Greg Cannon to name a few.

What are you most excited about for this year's event?
Eliot: It’s been a long time in between shows. Many of the exhibitors have been doing Monsterpalooza for over a decade. It will be nice to see everyone once again.

Scott: This will be our first live event in 2 1/2 years and it will be exciting to talk to
people again in person. I look forward to seeing some old friends, making  new
ones and celebrating the artistry of the show and life in general.

What do you love most about producing Monsterpalooza?
Eliot: It’s always daunting putting on a show., you want the attendees to have a
great time. I’m lucky to have my son Jack Brodsky as a partner. Jack is very much
hands on during the entire process of pulling together the show. I'm glad we have
the opportunity to work together.

What do you love most about being a part of Monsterpalooza and why is it mportant to you that PPI support it in such a big way?
Scott: We love being part of the makeup industry but at Monsterpalooza, makeup is one element of the attraction that entertains tens of thousands of people a year and we also love participating in that celebration.

Monsterpalooza will be held on June 3-5 at the Pasadena Convention Center. Follow the show @monsterpaloozaofficial and visit to purchase tickets and to check out current vendor list and special appearances. Tickets are available from $30.00 per day and a three-day pass is available for $80.00. Please see website for current Covid safety policies.