Commitment can be an interesting word. Sometimes it feels empowering. Sometimes it can feel suffocating. But it always stands for a combination of focus, direction and drive, and for being steadfast in our thinking and actions.

We are committed when we follow a path that comes from our core. We are committed when we don’t take a failure as a stopping point, but as a learning opportunity. We are committed when we keep driving forward even we are faced with challenges that feel insurmountable.
Love of craft and industry is a critical factor in one’s commitment to a career in any artistic or freelance field. Commitment to this type of work takes accepting that there are going to be tough moments – and that those are okay. It takes an understanding that our highest points and biggest moments of pride will simply be stepping stones to the next part of our journey – not the end of our path.

Getting serious about commitment means surrounding ourselves with others who are as committed to their own development as we are to ours. To connecting to those who are as committed to success as they are the hard work that it takes to get there.

When commitment to our inner purpose takes over, it can be the most empowering of experiences and can allow us to find truth and purpose at the highest level.

True commitment insists that we understand that our success is based not on the shortest path to financial gain, or on recognition from our peers,  but on that feeling we get when we wake up ready to face a new day filled with limitless possibilities.

Mukono Michael DeVellis
Kamoke Editor, On Makeup Magazine

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