This past March I had the good fortune of meeting the incredibly inspirational makeup artist Ellis Faas at The Makeup Show LA. It would be an understatement to say I was in awe of the energy of creativity that surrounded her. At the show, Ellis had an exhibit of her work. Among the amazing images was a sizable collection of vintage-looking photographs that I asked her about. Ellis explained to me that the photos were taken, many decades ago, as self-portraits. I was fascinated. We went on to discuss the selfie-society that we currently live in and the irony of her self portraits having been taken so long ago. I immediately asked if we could publish some of the photos in On Makeup Magazine. She generously, and enthusiastically, agreed and I am thrilled to present them to you in this special Concept portfolio, The Original Selfies. — Michael DeVellis
Photos Āsika Ellis Faas



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