When and why did you decide to write Assisting Rules?
It was a few years after an assistant had ruined a client relationship I had, stole images, and passed them off as hers. Adding insult to injury she wound working with them. To this day I still have no clue what she said.  I was still so hurt by the whole thing and I realized there wasn’t anything explaining the rules of assisting, nothing just a few blog posts.  I began to write comprehensive assisting articles on my blog and noticed how they took off. When I noticed that my blogpost had been rewritten in several languages, I knew I was on to an audience who desperately wanted to know more about assisting.  I thought if we all understood the role and those unwritten rules may be less assistants would be prone to backstabbing (well probably not her lol). I live by that Oprah saying, “When you know better, you do better.”

Although it is focused on assisting there are so many great areas of focus in the book. What are one or two of the most important other parts of the book to you?
Oh boy, there are so many things in there. Research, which is really the first half of the book. I am a huge pusher of research. Getting the reader to pinpoint what they want and to focus on it constructively. Teaching people to research and to understand and decipher what they are looking at, and then applying them to their career goals is a priceless tool. Those skills carry over to every area of our lives when we want something. When you become informed the better chances you will have at not wasting your time and getting what you want. I have people who are not even in our field who have followed me on YouTube who have purchased Assisting Rules, and write to me it has helped them in their career goals-ain’t that something?! 

The book has become a must-read in the pro makeup and hairstyling realms. Why do you think it has been so well received?
So many have told me the book is relatable. Many find the layout extremely easy to follow. I give real world explanation and situations, so it is easy for everyone to Continue reading