Vincent Oquendo, one of our many talented and inspiring presenters at the upcoming The Powder Group’s program Industry Intensive: Latina Beauty Now.  Check out our interview with Vincent below! Get details and register for the Industry Intensive: Latina Beauty Now program here .

What do you find most exciting about working in makeup at this time in the industry?
I think there is a lot of change happening right now globally in every aspect of our society. When societal change has happened historically – the Renaissance, the jazz era, the Harlem Renaissance – we have seen a surge in art and creativity. With all the energetic change right now, we are seeing beauty become more expressive with the use of color, texture, glitter – all types of makeup.

Also, I feel like this new generation, Gen Z is sort of redefining what beauty is and it’s very inspiring, because you find boundaries being pushed constantly. Even if I look at some of my roster of clients that I have worked with like Winnie Harlow, Ashley Graham, India Moore and Leyna Bloom – these are all people who are changing what we see as beautiful. It’s very exciting.

Do you have a personal style of artistry and if so, how would you define it?
I think I’m know for really fitting the look to that of my client – not really ever making it about the Continue reading