Our next amazing feature in our A Few Questions With series, Sarah Rigano, is a spacial shaman, an intuitive, a Vibrational Designer and curator of interiors and a healer of their inhabitants. Sarah’s work is inspiring and healing on multiple levels. Take her Form + Light platform on instagram, it’s offers up Sarah’s curated pieces of expression, that exudes a calm collective, and give us reason to take pause, on a platform clouded by various images, news and digital information of all sorts. We hope you are as inspired as we are by Sarah’s interview below along with her images from @formandlight

We are constantly inspired to connect with other creatives in other industries and we look forward to elevating everything with Sarah who will also be presenting at this year’s The Artist Summit produced by The Powder Group from October 1-6, 2017 in Provincetown, MA. #seeyouatthesummit. For more information about The Artist Summit visit www.theartistsummit.com

How did you first become involved in wellness?
I spent close to a decade furthering sustainable design within the fashion and home industries for CFDA award-winning brands and Fortune 500 companies. Around 2011 I began experiencing a profound psychic and spiritual opening. I was always super intuitive but this was an undeniable calling to a journey of awakening through a series of repetitive signs, synchronicities and teachers presenting. I made the decision to leave my job in fashion to launch a consulting company and two days later Hurricane Sandy hit NYC. To see first-hand the power of Nature, the effects of climate change, the disastrous impact on people (physically and emotionally) and property (the complete destruction of all) within one of the largest cities in the world was like nothing I had ever experienced. It shook me to my core and had me reflecting on if all is taken in an instant, what remains and is of true importance? It forever changed my life trajectory and set me upon my shamanic path- illuminating a need in me to live in balance and be of service to both people and planet. What followed was my initiation in a range of ancient healing modalities including: Andean Shamanism (As a full mesa carrier), Masters in Usui and Shamanic Reiki, Energy Medicine, Stonalism, Past Life Regression Therapy and Quantum Sound Healing. These learnings instilled in me a deep connection and respect for the seen and unseen worlds, and a recognition of  the energy that exists in all, be it animate or inanimate objects, for everything has a vibration at which it resonates. The spaces in which we dwell, our individual, interior and exterior environments are of no exception. From this knowing, my philosophy of Vibrational Design™ was born; an ideology that is mindful and intent driven, a calling in and manipulation of light energy in the creation of sacred spaces and ceremonies for transformation and the realization of higher consciousness.

What is the more important thing to you about your work?
It is such an honor to witness the journey of another. To ‘hold space’ as I refer to it, which truly means to create an energetic environment where someone feels safe, seen without judgement, held in possibility and aware that they are fully supported in the path upon which they are embarking. There is infinite creative potential that dwells within us but sometimes the complications and stress of modern life cause us to forget this truth. We get spun out, off track or stuck, finding ourselves in personal and professional patterns that have us yearning for something more. I love inspiring my clients to claim their more through clearing energetic blocks and outdated beliefs, because amazing things happen when you combine energy with intention in the name of change- you begin to live the life you have imagined.

What are some of the tools that you use in your work?
I am constantly drawing inspiration and assistance from the Earth and the Elements in all facets of my work. Whether I’m in a one on one energy session with a client, clearing an interior space or piece of land, or creating a custom ceremony or rite of passage, Nature is always present and honored for her inherent beauty, wisdom and medicine. We are living in a time when many of us feel separate from Nature rather than a part of it, so I am constantly working to reconnect the individuals I work with back to the Earth so they can see the aliveness in all things as a source of inspiration and strength. The shamanic path is one which honors the energetic essence of all beings, both sentient and non-sentient, as each has a unique vibration that can be of assistance so individual circumstances truly dictate which allies I integrate into the experience. A person looking to shed old patterns might benefit from a fire ceremony to inspire transformation. A creative space needing an infusion of inspiration could blossom beautifully from a clearing with sacred smoke and sound. A new home could feel safe and welcoming from the wonderfully supportive energies of a crystal grid and blessing ceremony, etc.

How does someone who is unsure to start on a journey of wellness take the first step?
Everyone’s path to wellness is wholly unique, and wellness itself has different meanings to many. In my mind the only thing that is important is getting on a path, your path, whenever and however you are called. It’s of no matter how it appears and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Begin with one thing that sparks your interest and brings you joy. Listen to your intuition. Don’t overthink it. Try any and everything that feels right knowing you can take what resonates and leave what doesn’t. This journey of life is yours and yours alone to uniquely embark upon, so giving ourselves permission to have experiences that allow for elevation of mind, body or spirit is paramount!

What is the key to a successful work-life balance?
Realizing that there is work and there is life and that it is a beautiful thing when you can integrate the two in a way where your work doesn’t feel like work, rather it is the manifestation of what you love the most. I have redefined success in my life as moments where I feel alive and inspired, embracing my creativity and helping another to do the same. This is different for everyone, but I encourage my clients to find that sweet spot within their work that gifts meaning and satisfaction. If it isn’t immediately apparent it is worthy of reflection considering the amount of energy and attention that is directed to our profession. Can your present trajectory become more nourishing through a shift of perspective? Can learning a new skill infuse much needed vitality? Perhaps a new path altogether is the call? We need to actively vision our worlds as we wish them to be, staying open to opportunity while authentically listening to what we need.

What do you find to be the biggest barrier to self-care that those in the service industry face?
As humans we are sensitive beings effected by the energies of the individuals, spaces and experiences we have daily. Our society celebrates a hyper-focused, constantly on the go, multi-tasking mentality but there are contraindications to this state- stress and anxiety being paramount. Permission to pause and take a step back for a moment of rest is vital to consistent, meaningful success. The idea of go, go, go until one has nothing left is foolishness. Especially as creatives and ones in service to others we must gift ourselves permission to rest- stepping outside of the dogma that says ‘there isn’t enough time’ or ‘I should be doing something else,’ or that the act is one embarked upon selfishly. Self-nourishment is critical to creating space, clearing any density or energy that weighs so one can exist from an inspired place.

What are some of the biggest mistakes you see people making in self-care?
I often say that this conversation isn’t about wellness but about consciousness. That it is not about healing, but awakening. Because if we are conscious and awake- authentically living our truth we are likely to make decisions that support us in the highest way possible. Our choices in life, work, relationships are then, in theory, made from an elevated headspace that allows us to nurture self so that we can show up more authentically in service to others and the world around. My advise would be do not undervaluate the importance of honoring self. Do your best to get into a habit of choosing you unapologetically. Listen to your intuition, the voice inside and know that from this space you can manifest profound contributions from a centered, balanced state.

Does someone need to be religious or super spiritual to benefit from this type of focus?
This ideology is about consciousness and connectivity and is not counterintuitive or contradictory to religion or an individuals chosen beliefs. The intention is to appreciate the singular journey we all walk while valuing our need for community and connectivity. It is about honoring the Earth and living in a way that advocates balance and reciprocity for the elevation of all beings.