We have Carl Ray next on our A Few Questions With series. You have seen his work grace the covers and pages of Vogue, Glamour, Essence and Variety to name a few, but the one unforgettable face that features Carl’s makeup art is the incomparable Michelle Obama. Carl has been the personal makeup artist to Mrs. Obama for a number of years for official appearances both nationally and around the world. You can also find Carl at his business in downtown D.C. One80 Salon We are excited to feature Carl for this series and we are sure you are too! Also be sure to check out the feature Spotlight Carl Ray from our Fall 2016 issue and follow Carl on instagram @carlraymua

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What inspires you right now? (and Why?)
Nature, Old movies, past and present starlets, makeup artist, fashion, countries and cultures

Who are three of the biggest influences in your career? (and how have they effected your career)
My Mama I loved watching her apply her makeup growing up… She encouraged me from a young age to do what I love no matter what.

Kevyn Aucoin, his books influenced me majorly. First time I saw the book in the bookstore I looked at every page and was obsessed with every image I saw. Each page was so beautiful and magical to me.

I also get inspiration from Continue reading