How did you come to be involved with Jingle Jangle
I became involved in Jingle Jangle when the writer director David Talbert sent me the script, which i read and immediately fell in love with the project, from a standpoint of seeing Black  representation in a positive, fun way. The very idea of Afro hair in a Victorian setting was too exciting not be get involved

What was the design process like?
The design process was a very collaborative one, David Talbert has been working on the project for over twenty years, so to have their trust to bring your ideas to the table was generous of them and liberating for me. I worked with a concept artist to present early ideas and launched from there.

How many makeup artists and hair stylists were on your team?
My core team was made up of myself, a Key Makeup Niamh O’Loan, Key Hairstylist Kat Fa, Laura Blount as crowd supervisor, Klara Levring junior makeup and hair and trainee Angella Appiah. We also had a regular team of Continue reading


When did you publish your first makeup artist planner?
I published my first makeup artist planner, named  MUA Weekly Planner in 2013. It’s hard to believe that was eight years ago.

What made you want to create it?
The planner actually came about as I was creating my own quarterly calendar for my  live online classes. I did not want my classes to conflict with existing ongoing makeup events like The Makeup Show, IMATS, The Powder Group educational programs and other events. As I started plugging my own dates into my calendar, I discovered three very important elements. First, there was no central listing for makeup events. Second, some of the existing events had conflicting dates. Third, aspiring artists cannot attend events they don’t know exist. The planner became a way to address all three elements.

How has it evolved since your first edition?
For starters, it has doubled in size. I rebranded in 2017 and changed the name to The Official Film & Television Weekly Planner and added the film strip graphic, which is now permanent on every front cover. I did this because anyone can use this planner. I also discovered the underground world of planners, where people have “planner parties” where you add stickers, tabs and Japanese washi tape. There are more note pages for quick thoughts, journaling, goal setting and action plans, vision boards. There are certain consistent pages such as a suggested grooming kit list, makeup kit list, monthly events, income and Continue reading


What is clean beauty?
Clean Beauty is an umbrella term that encompasses phrases such as eco, green, non-toxic, gluten-free, vegan, natural, organic, blue, sustainable.

What the elements of a product that makes it clean?
It’s really the ‘lack of’ certain ingredients that make it clean. The website EWG.org (Environmental Working Group) is a great place to really did deep into ingredients (since there are 1000’s). Also, look at the EU’s (European Commission) list of ingredients they don’t allow in Europe that we still, unfortunately, allow here.

What is the difference between clean and natural?
Natural means sourced from nature. Back in 2019, the Natural Cosmetic Act defined the labeling of natural to mean that products sold or labeled as Continue reading


We had a chance to chat with the makeup and hair team behind the captivating Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom. Makeup Department Head Matiki Anoff, makeup artist to Viola Davis, Sergio Lopez-Rivera and Hair Department Head Mia Neal, share techniques and behind-the-scenes stories from reviving Ma and her band in the Netflix film based on the play by August Wilson.

How did each of you come to work on this project?
Matiki: I worked on Fences with Denzel Washington and Viola. At the end of that production, Denzel told us he had the whole catalog of August Wilson’s material, and at that time he told us we’d be doing one project a year. So, I came to the project through the producers Denzel and Todd Black.

Sergio: I was working with Viola on How to Get Away with Murder for six seasons. She told me this project was coming, but by the time I got a phone call from producer Dany Wolf I had already said yes to going over to London to supervise Bridgerton. Long story short, Bridgerton didn’t need me anymore so I called Dany and told him I was still available. I got lucky.

Mia: I’ve worked with the costume designer, Ann Roth, several times and I’ve worked with Continue reading


We are at a crossroads in our society — one that is long overdue — and addressing the single most important area of social justice our country has struggled with since its birth. As far as we may have come in some people’s eyes, the truth is that, while we been moving forward slowly, we continue to also take steps backward in this fight.

The beauty industry, and makeup artist industry in particular, may be making an effort in many cases, but is it enough? Is that effort focused on the right things? Our  perspectives are irrelevant if we are not walking in the shoes, and the skin, of our Black brothers and sisters in beauty.

We wanted to understand, from the Black makeup artist community themselves, what we can do better as an industry. We want to understand what we don’t know about the Black experience as a makeup artist. So we ask simply — What do you want us to know?

Thank you to the 100 artists who participated in this program and everyone who is helping us listen and learn during such an important time.

Michael DeVellis
Editor, On Makeup Magazine

Beauty brands, please hire Black makeup qrtists and experts to consult when creating products for black skin. It is important that to have experts in this area to guide you in
product development so that the products actually represent who you are selling to.  Adeola Gboyega

All we want is the same respect and consideration as other artists — to not have to work twice as hard to be thought of as half as good. Aina Lee

For years we, Black creative artists, lived in the shadows of the industry and now as our color is being celebrated its time to highlight its true essence. AJ Cimson

Judging a book by its cover will only take Continue reading


The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) has announced the finalists in the 32nd annual North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA). The North American Hairstyling Awards is the most prestigious professional beauty competition in North America and honors the salon industry’s top artists who push the boundaries of skill and creativity. Since its inception, thousands of talented artists have used NAHA as a platform to showcase their work to win a coveted NAHA Award.

This was an unprecedented year for NAHA due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, yet the heightened creativity and vast number of submissions were some of the most impressive in the competition’s history.” shares Nina Daily, PBA’s Chief Marketing Officer. “The industry rallied to channel energy into true artistry, innovation, and camaraderie, and we couldn’t be prouder of this year’s finalists.”

To enter NAHA, each artist submitted their work to Continue reading


2020 was a year like no other in so many ways. We learned as an industry – and society – that we can be made to be vulnerable beyond our control. We learned that we need to be more open and inclusive and listen to the needs of our brothers and sisters in artistry. We realized that even in the most adverse circumstances we have the ability to pivot and evolve to keep moving forward. And, maybe most importantly, we discovered that when we come together as a community to support each other, we get through anything – no matter how daunting

This year saw many business come to the forefront of important conversations and take action to make changes within their own business and help others change as well. And while there are many who worked hard at supporting others – a few stood out as exceptional in their unwavering commitment to supporting important causes and helping us move forward as a community. ANISA Beauty is one of those companies and their $50,000 Pledge is a blueprint for how to show your support in a meaningful way. Our own Michael DeVellis sat down – virtually of course – with ANISA Beauty founder, Anisa Telwar Kaicker to learn more about the program and Anisa’s personal and corporate commitment to supporting important causes.

Michael DeVellis: What is the ANISA Beauty $50,000 Pledge?
Anisa Telwar Kaicker: In June of 2020, as we found ourself amidst so much social unrest, we made a financial commitment to support organizations we believe are making a difference in the pursuit of social justice.

MD: How did you come up with the idea?
ATK: I was intentionally looking for all the different way I could get Continue reading


January 11-13, 2021 marks the premier of The Pro Safety Beauty Summit, a first-of-its-kind international online trade conference delivering in-depth seminars covering the future of the beauty industry. A panel of globally respected beauty industry leaders, led by industry veterans Madeline Leonard, Karen Reddy-Medeiros and Sumita Batra, provide attending beauty professionals in diverse fields a comprehensive roadmap to groundbreaking safety products, health protocols and best business practices required to go the distance in a post COVID-19 world. The Pro Safety Group has been nominated under the category of social responsibility by the Los Angeles Business Journal for a 2020 Beauty Award.

Access to the virtual conference is complimentary and is broken down into three highly focused, information-packed days that concentrate on the following: The Protocols -essential health and Continue reading

Welcome 2021

I was going to write a new post saying goodbye to 2020 and welcoming in 2021 with open arms – then was rereading my Welcome letter for The 2020 Issue of On Makeup Magazine and thought it summed my headspace right now up pretty well already. So here is a look back at that letter – and forward with hope that we can take some gratitude from the lessons we learned along the way this year and use them for our more powerful and connected tomorrow. Here’s to 2021!
Well, this has certainly been one a hell of a year.
And while that statement might initially be taken in a negative way, its intention here is one of hopeful positivity.
This has been a year of shifting focus, adjusting our expectations and moving forward -most often toward uncertainty – but forward nonetheless.
It has been a year of coming together, on so many levels as a society and an industry. It has been a year of supporting one another on a level that few thought could exist. It has also been a year where we have been forced to rethink, rework and renew so many pieces of our lives and careers. As an industry, we have been forced to look at who we are, what is important to us and how we grow in a positive direction. As a community we are seeing, listening and supporting. We are learning, engaging and making room for new ways of thinking about beauty and business and our brothers and sisters in artistry.
There is no doubt that this is hard and that the path forward will continue to be a challenge. It is also clear that when the dust settles, we will find ourselves left with a more thoughtful, more connected and more powerful future.
I am personally going to take much more from this year than the challenges and the hardship it has brought with it. I will remember that we didn’t miss so much of what we thought we would miss, and that we discovered so much more than we expected – about ourselves and about each other – along the way.
I will move forward with the hope that we never go back to what we once saw as normal, or acceptable. This time and place has done so much to help us see clearly and has allowed us to begin making important changes. Now it’s our job to keep that momentum going.
A time of evolution has begun. Looking to the past should give us lessons, but not a design for our future. Hindsight, you see, is indeed 2020, and if we take the lessons of this year and use them to see our future more clearly we will have made our most difficult year also our most important one.
Michael DeVellis
Editor, On Makeup Magazine

100 Debts of Gratitude: Thank You To Our 2020 Presenters and Sponsors

Greetings and Happy New Year pros and industry friends!
First and most importantly I hope this message finds you safe and well as we head into 2021.

This was certainly quite a year for the professional makeup and beauty industries – and the world at large. We watched as a pandemic, important social justice issues, natural disasters and a political climate like no other – along with the stress and uncertainty that came with it all – changed who we are and how we behave forever.

We sat in a great pause – one that we are still in – that overtook our ability to Continue reading