Why is Latina beauty such a big influence in the makeup industry right now?
Latina Beauty is such a big influence in the makeup industry right now because we are being represented more than ever before. We are getting staring roles, and being major players in the industry from music to on-screen. Latin artists are being recognized in general market and our cross over is here to stay. In makeup you are seeing women of all backgrounds in ads, and commercial work representing some of the leading cosmetic companies. It’s a beautiful time to gain confidence in working with different skin tones, and features that define Latina Beauty Now.

How does the work that is being done with Latina celebrities and models effect beauty overall and how artists are working today?
The work being done with Latina celebrities and models effect the overall work of artists because it allows all of us to play outside the lines. Many of us are used to working with the same skin tones backstage and only in just the last 5-6 years there has been an influx of models from all backgrounds. From Ethiopia, to Moroccan and Dominican. So many models are looking to see who knows how to make their skin pop, and bring out their inner glow. It truly takes practice and not every artist feels comfortable working with skin tones different from theirs. There are certain products that really bring the glow forward on different skin tones, from darker, and lighter. Also many Latinas have different undertones depending on their geographical background. Its a beautiful thing to identify different features based on countries, and show our clients, models, and actresses we’ve invested time in knowing the beauty of the world.

What is the biggest difference in the way Latina culture approached beauty today versus in the past?
Latina Beauty in the past was portrayed as overly glammed, Ms. Universe beauty, but today it really is about your client in the chair. The one thing important to know about the Latina client is that not one face or idea of beauty is the same. Latinas just like every culture have different needs, and not one beauty look works for everyone. You’ll also notice American-Latina and Latinas raised in their native country also have different needs that are affected by the climate. When I travel to my home country  I’ll see my cousins perfecting the brows, but the result is one that maybe isn’t Instagram friendly because of the lack of products they have available. YouTube has really changed the beauty game world-wide but still there is limited access to top brands, and opportunities to translate what they see on TV to Real life. Today every Latina has her own definition of beauty, not everyone wants to be the siren, or the becky la fea. We take pride in our roots, and love to bring color forward.

Who are some of the most influential artists in the Latina beauty area today?Some of the most influential artists in the Latina Beauty area today are of course our line up for the upcoming The Powder Group’s program Industry Intensicve: Latina Beauty Now presenter’s Vincent Oquendo, Paola Orlando, Mayela Vazquez. Other influential artists I think include Glibert Soliz, Carolina Gonzalez, Elizabeth Ulloa, Jackie Gomez, and Clarissa Luna.

I say influential because they are working with women of all backgrounds really showing us how it’s done. 100% Latino, and with talent of various skin tones and cultures. Its just really beautiful to pave the way and introduce our beauty to the world behind and in front of the camera. I’m in awe of our industry and love seeing my fellow game changers continue to bring up the industry as a whole.