PROFILE Merrell Hollis

Merrell_HollisWhere were you born?
Columbus, Georgia

Where do you live now?
New York City

What’s your sign?

What did you want to be when you grew up?

How did that transpose into a career in makeup?
I guess I truly just wanted to work with women and makeup was the only physical way I saw that I could.

What was your first memorable work as an artist?
My first memorable work as an artist was definitely my first job. There was an R&B group called 112 that I loved that was shooting a video in Atlanta. Being the super-fan and the young crazy boy that I was, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to let them meet their number one fan. So that night I dropped my mom off at work, as she as working a night shift, and I headed up to Atlanta. I found the Georgian Terrace where they were shooting and the security was pretty tight, which meant I needed to come up with a way to get myself on set. In my mind I figured since they always scream, “MAKEUP!” in movies when they are filming something, if I pretended to be the…  >> To see the rest of Merrell Hollis inspiring interview Order the Spring 2016 Issue here.