order isotretinoin online Where were you born?
I was born in a very small town called Bulawayo, in Zimbabwe.

http://micheleknotz.com/images/photos/small/IMG_0163.JPG Where do you live now?
I live in Palm Springs, California.

buy mail order Seroquel What is your sign?

new order lyrics What did you want to be when you grew up?
Believe it or not, a makeup artist. My mother has an essay written by me when I was nine years old stating that I wanted to live in Hollywood and paint the faces of people like the wicked queen in Snow White. I was also interested in old-time Hollywood glamor at a young age.

executively How did you know that the makeup artist industry was where you wanted to be?
I come from a family of artists. My grandfather on my father’s side is a painter in Zimbabwe. My Mother also paints still lifes and flowers. My brother, Hayden Proud, is the curator of the South African National Art Gallery. He has three major works hanging in the National Gallery there as well. With all of this creative energy surrounding me, on top my fascination with the world of movies and transformation, makeup just seemed a natural fit.

What was your first memorable work as an artist?
My first memory of makeup artistry was being on the set of Alien 3 as a visitor and being blown away by the…>> To see the rest of Trefor Proud’s inspirational interview Order the Fall 2016 Issue here.