michaeldevellisGreat ideas come from many places.
A groundbreaking notion may come from years of hard work, study and focus.
A brilliant invention could come about by accident or happenstance.

An industry-shifting concept might be the result of a moment of frustration in what already exists, or from the joy of an amazing experience.

Some idea people are inspired by great works of art or literature. Some by science. Some by nature.

But great ideas have one, very particular, thing in common.
They are original in some way. They are not a copy of others.
They are not simply new versions of what has existed before.

It has been said that the sincerest form of flattery is imitation. While this may be true, it is also the laziest, and the least inspiring way of going about the process of creation.

In our industry today, there are countless ways to watch others – to be influenced or inspired by what they have created. Social media along with a 24-hour information and news cycle have made it nearly impossible not to be affected by what else is already out there.

And for those whose ideas and innovation can’t stand on their own, this works out really well.
There are many ways of seeing the ideas of others and changing them ever so slightly, so as to hope no one notices. But we notice.

Be unique. Be one who breaks the mold – not one who recasts it over again.

Show that, while we all are inspired by the work and ideas of others, you are one of those who are bursting at the seams with ingenuity and creativity.

In a world, and industry, full of weak copies of the original – be the original.
Volendam Michael DeVellis
http://realtypad.net/style.php Editor, On Makeup Magazine