cheap prednisone for dogs Welcome

Well, here we are, more than a year into a pandemic
that has changed us forever in so many ways.

Through all of the challenges and all of the loss of the
past year, I know that there were many things that came
to light for me, my business, and for our industry, that
shifted and evolved us for the better.

Personally, my energy has been wide open to the lessons
to be learned during this time. I know they have left an
impression on me, and I hope they left one on all of us.
I am grateful beyond words for the support of our
community during this time — and grateful for the privilege
of being able support this community and our industry
right back.

I am grateful for the moments of hope we have given
each other and I am in awe of the way we came together
to support one another when times were their most

I am grateful, and ready, for what comes next. I am
anxious to get to work on moving forward in whatever
new ways of working and engaging that will mean. I am
here for the commitment to do what needs to be done
and to help to build a stonger industry in the process.

As we begin to move forward into whatever will become
our next normal — know that I am here, The Powder Group
and On Makeup Magazine are here, and our TPG
community of artists and brands are here — planted
steadfastly by each others side.

We are here, for the long term, with support and
inspiration and dreams of an amazing today and of an
incredible tomorrow. Welcome back.

Michael DeVellis
Editor, On Makeup Magazine