I have a feeling you have something to say.
What are you waiting for?
Whose permission do you need
to tell us who you are?

Stand up.
Raise your hand.
Or just start speaking.
Share your voice.

You’ve worked hard to get here.
You deserve to be heard.
We deserve to hear you.

We are filled with wonder and waiting for you to inspire.
How will you share your story with us?
Let us know that you are doing great.
That the struggle may be real,
but it’s so very worth it.

Stay focused.
Keep moving toward your dreams.
Clearly define your success.
Treat others with respect.
Take nothing for granted.
And your moment will rise before you.

This road is long and can be filled with challenges.
But what journey worth taking
Is not made more meaningful
by the hard work along the way?

order Ivermectin over the counter Michael DeVellis
surlily Editor, On Makeup Magazine