Were you a fan of the original series?
I was definitely a big fan of the original series. I loved its uniqueness and quirkiness. It was my kind of show. I was working on The Wonder Years with Fred Savage in 1991– one of my first jobs — and we had a bet about who killed Laura Palmer. He still owes me $100! How did you come to work on Twin Peaks, The Return?
I knew something was brewing but I found out about Twin Peaks, The Return like everyone else did; on Deadline Hollywood and Twitter. I immediately called Sabrina, David Lynch’s producer, and asked if there was something she wanted to tell me. We laughed. It was a great moment. I knew in my heart and soul I would be on it, I just had to be patient like everyone else involved.

What were the main challenges of working on such a secretive show?
First, only a few of us were allowed to read the script. I must have read it backward and forward at least five times. I was not allowed to have my own copy which was really difficult. If I couldn’t remember something, I had to >> Get the Spring 2018 Issue to catch full scoop on Debbie’s makeup process.