In 2008, we created the first Matsumoto The Artist Summit program in New York City. The program was developed as a first-of-its-kind event that would bring artists, businesses and our community together for a multi-day, educational and inspirational program — but whose primary focus was not selling products. Our industry already had plenty of that type of event with The Makeup Show, IMATS and more hair shows than one could count. I wanted to create something different.

Ten years later we are at a place in our industry where more and more companies are creating important programming for our community. Programs and events that bring  artists together. I am proud to have had The Powder Group on the forefront of that movement. I have watched in awe as an event production industry has sprung up around us all. Bravo to those folks who take risks and create newness, with integrity, a point-of-difference and a spirit of community.

As the years passed, and more events happened around us, I began thinking that our work here was done. While we are honored to have played a small part in inspiring so many others to create opportunities for the pro makeup world to come together, redundancy just doesn’t make sense. We needed to create something new, even within our own programs. I chatted with our Director of Artistry, James Vincent, and my team. We discussed how we could change things up to meet the new, ever-changing needs of our community. We decided the answer was clear — Provincetown.

The Artist Summit for the past three iterations has taken place in The Powder Group’s second home. Provincetown, MA. The most incredible little seaside fishing village that is filled with art, community, passion and more gorgeous views you can imagine. I am so thrilled that so many who we bring to this place for the first time, come back year after year to enjoy it with us.

When we moved The Artist Summit to Provincetown and decided to produce it every two years, instead of annually, we knew it would be a risk. But one worth taking.

For everyone who joined us in Provincetown in 2013 for the relaunch of The Artist Summit, so much changed and so much happened. New ways of thinking, new ways of focusing and new relationships were just the start. I am proud every time I look at our industry growing through the incredible work of, and the partnerships created by, the people that came together with us there that year. Fast forward to October, 2015 and then to October 2017. New years, and with them new series of presenters, along with nearly 200 attendees packing the room at Provincetown Inn ready to take a deeper look at, well, everything. From the moment we gathered that first time in 2013, at the beautiful Provincetown Art Association and Museum for our welcome reception, generously sponsored by Skindinavia — a brand that has been with us in Provincetown and around the country since 2013 — the buzz of anticipation in the air was palpable.

That energy has stayed with us through each series of three amazing days of keynote presentations by the most inspirational collection of industry leaders that have ever shared a stage, and to this day can still be felt as I talk to those artists who were in attendance at each The Artist Summit program.

We made a decision in 2017 to share the love with some of our favorite brands and to include sponsors for the program as well as the welcome event. I couldn’t be more thrilled that such an amazing group of companies wanted to be involved. Thank you to MAKE UP FOR EVER, IT Cosmetics, Skindinavia, Kett Cosmetics, Bdellium Tools and The Makeup Light for your support of this program. It was an honor to have you with us.

And to our presenters, what could I possibly say to the most sought after and aspirational leaders of our industry. I looked up at that stage each day last October with such awe and appreciation that you were there with us and sharing so openly with our pro family.

Sutan Amrull, Carl Ray, Ryan Burke, Ryan McKnight, Yvonne MacInnis, Sarah Rigano — I hope that your first time with us at The Powder Group was as memorable for you as you made it for us. Danessa Myricks, Bethany Townes, Orlando Santiago, Alphonse Wiebelt, Sheila McKenna and AJ Crimson — our long-term The Powder Group family — you opened up a new side of yourselves to our attendees that could only be described as awe-inspiring. Thank you for your generosity.

Kate Leydon of Ruby Room, Emma Rutherford of Warpaint London, Alex Barendregt of World Bodypainting Festival and Chris McCarthy from Provincetown Art Association and Museum, your ongoing partnership and friendship leaves me without words. Thank you for everything you do to support our community around the world. We are so honored that you made the journey to Provincetown to be with us.

Finally to our attendees, the most passionate and selfless pros in the world, thank you for being there and for your continued, unparalleled vision, passion and commitment to helping yourself, and each other, grow.

Words Michael DeVellis