There isn’t much one can say about Maurice Stein that hasn’t been said before. This is a man who launched and supported more careers in makeup than one could possibly count. This is a man who has been the single most important driving force in the
movement forward of the professional makeup artist industry and of professional products. Let’s be honest, to so many of us there is simply Before-Maurice or After-Maurice in our industry. It is with great sadness and sense of loss that we said goodbye as a community to our icon, mentor and hero this past February.

Until the time I started The Powder Group fifteen years ago, I had only heard legend of this man who had done so much to change an industry. I had seen Maurice at the International Makeup Artist Trade Show and knew of Cinema Secrets of course, but I never had met the man himself.

When I launched The Powder Group, I finally reached out to Maurice and introduced myself. I told him that I had just left my executive job at MAC, where I had looked after the development of the pro division and MAC Pro. I told him about how much I respected all he had done, for so many years, and continued to do to support pros. I explained to him my plans for The Powder Group and how I hoped we could work together on the journey of community and education for our industry. Maurice said yes.

Less than two years later, I spoke to Maurice about an event I was creating called The Makeup Show. I explained that it would be a trade show, but a unique one whose focus was education and community first and foremost. I told him I thought the values of our event aligned well with his and that I’d love to have him and Cinema Secrets be a big part of the show. Maurice said Wanju >> Get the Spring 2018 issue to read the full honor to Maurice Stein

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