Arnold Langer was known as both a visionary and a man of action.As the founder of global makeup powerhouse Kryolan, he knew no bounds and possessed both the courage and the intellect to take the type of risks that few have the capacity for — and far fewer still are successful at accomplishing. This past February, our industry and the Kryolan family lost an icon and friend with the passing of Arnold at the age of 97.

Born in the exciting and vibrant Berlin of the 1920s, Arnold quickly discovered his passion for makeup and theater and knew in his heart he would somehow focus his life and career in this area. Despite serving in the Second World War, this passion never left
him, even during these difficult times spent far away from home. With his vision to produce makeup for theaters that had reopened after the armistice, the company took hold of its course after the Second World War and the development and growth hasn’t slowed down since.

As a young chemical lab apprentice Arnold first connected to the cosmetics field by selling soaps and creams that he created in his mother’s kitchen. With his saved-up service pay and his beautiful and strong wife, Waltraud Langer, by his side, he set up
Kryolan in 1945.

The brand, which for more than 70 years has established itself as >> Get the Spring 2018 issue for the complete In Memoriam Arnold Langer

Words Aurogra online cheap Michael DeVellis
Photo courtesy Kryolan