Santo Antônio do Monte How did you come to work on Café Society?
I was contacted by Woody Allen’s producer to run the makeup department on Café Society because I work with Kristen Stewart on most of her films.

where can i buy prednisolone tablets for dogs in the uk How did you start working with Kristen Stewart?
I met Kristen when she was 16 or 17 years old on a movie called, The Cake Eaters. It was a small movie and shot on location in the Catskills region of New York. Everyone hung out with each other. I was like her “big sister” and that’s how our friendship/working relationship began. Whose makeup did you do on the project?
As the department head, you generally end up doing the makeup—at least once—on just about everyone in the principal cast. However, I mostly exclusively did…  philologically >> Catch Stacey’s complete interview in the Spring 2017 issue.

Words Wafangdian Shannon Levy
Photo Sabrina Lantos