In 2008 a brand, and event, was born that would change the way the pro makeup artist industry thought about gathering as a community and growing the business and craft of makeup artistry. The Artist Summit was that event. Produced by our team at The Powder Group, the event was a first-ever program of its kind for our industry — a gathering of minds unlike any that had come before it.

On October 12 and 13 of that year, nearly 2000 artists joined us at Metropolitan Pavilion in NYC for the event. Over the two days event that year attendees chose from more than 70 different seminars and 24 hands-on workshops presented by the top names in our industry including Billy B, Linda Mason, Joanna Schlip, Kate Best, AJ Crimson, Alison Raffaele, Yana Chupenko, Johnny Lavoy, Jon Hennessey, James Vincent, Gregg Hubbard,Sandy Linter, Landy Dean, David Goforth, Colleen Runne, Cindy Gardner, Hagen Linss, Keri Blair, Tobi Britton, Kevin James Bennett, Floriane David, Craig Lindberg, Viktorija Bowers, Orlando Santiago, Jenai Chin, DeShawn Hatcher, Margina Dennis, Justen Brosnan, Elke Von Freudenberg and buy gabapentin 300 mg uk Bianca Alexander.

The event was open to industry pros and makeup fanatics alike
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