When, where and by whom was the company founded?
The company was founded in 1997, after four years of development, by Chad Hayduk, a veteran of the cosmetics industry for the past 30 years, Scott Catto, an art dealer, and Trae Bodge who departed in 2011 to pursue other interests. The company is still a completely independent brand after 20 years.

Gendringen Why was the company founded?
The brand was developed to fill a niche in the market left by the demise of the custom blending company Visage Beaute created by Roy Karrell with whom Chad trained.

Where was the company founded?
In Chad and Scott’s one bedroom NYC apartment. The novelty of running the business out of the apartment wore off pretty quickly. After about a year, we were working on a collaboration with Rebecca Taylor for a story in Elle that Sarah Brown was writing and Rebecca was packing up her corner studio on 37th and 8th and moving to a higher floor. We jumped at the opportunity to take the space! With a few more years under our
belts we found a full floor in the Flatiron District on 22nd between 5th and 6th which we called home for about 10 years.

What were the first products that the company produced?
Our first product launch was  >> Get the Fall 2017 issue to catch the rest of Three Custom Color Specialists inspiring 20 years run in the industry