Gallany x Billy B In a collaboration between two beauty icons — Ida Gal-Csiszar, master chemist who led the color lab for Max Factor, and Billy B, the celebrity makeup artist who has created memorable looks for stars like Lady Gaga, Pink and Mary J. Blige — Gallany Cosmetics and Billy B have teamed up to launch an Essentials Palette. Comprised of 19 signature face powders, the palette of expertly curated shades can be applied wet or dry, maximizing its versatility. Available mid-June. $54.00 can you buy disulfiram over the counter in uk

Perfect 365 x Kabuki Celebrity makeup artist Kabuki has been tapped as advisor and spokesperson for Perfect 365, a popular beauty app with more than 80 million users. Its advanced Face Detection technology allows for virtual makeup placement, both on photos and in live video. Users can experiment with looks created by pro artists and brands before applying them in real life. Through this collaboration, Perfect365 hopes to bridge the gap of technology and beauty.

Ten Words First a keynote talk ten years ago, then a seminar series and workshop event, the Ten Words program by On Makeup Magazine, The Powder Group and The Makeup Show founder, Michael DeVellis, is finally coming to print, and just in time to celebrate its 10th Anniversary. The new book — officially titled Ten Words For A Stronger Career, More Meaningful Connections and Incredibly Focused Life — is based on a process of focus, action and development meant to help the reader understand that stepping outside of your day-to-day is an essential part of personal development . “I wanted to share my journey by putting Ten Words into print so that it might help others understand that the challenges they might be going through — professional or personal — are more common then they might think.” said DeVellis” But, that there is a solid and successful way forward if you give yourself over to a new, simpler, way of thinking.”

Shiseido Cosmetic consumers needs are evolving creating a wave of long-standing beauty brands to respond. Shiseido has acquired California-based startup, MATCHCo, an app that creates customized foundation based on a skintone scan. The mobile app scans, analyzes, and then >> See a complete list of Industry News in the Spring 2017 Issue here.